Today's blog will be about my trip down south during my winter break in 2007/2008. I enjoy sharing my throwback travel photos because it reminds me of how free I felt.

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When I was in the 6th grade, my mom and I took a trip down south via train (Amtrak) during my winter break from school. We left a few days before Christmas. It was a 10-hour ride on the train. I have some photos that I'd like to share. I am thinking about a travel diaries thing on my blog where I post travel photos. This makes it easier when I share my photography on my crypto blogs.

In general, I like sharing my travels.

These travel diaries can show my previous travels and even fund future travels.

It was Christmas morning and I was opening gifts. I don't use my DS anymore but I still have it. I can't even find the charger. I don't have that robe anymore but I do want to get another one. I also want to try to have money saved up on my blogs in case my folks want to shop when I get my hair done.

We explored the streets on TN pretty often while we were there. We stayed in West Memphis but went to TN pretty often. I am actually from TN but I don't talk about it. I didn't grow up there. Pretty much I was born in TN but raised in Chicago. That is something you don't hear. Then again someone can be born in Mexico and be raised in the US. So it's not out of the ordinary.

I wish I could have grown up in the south. Being in the Midwest was better for me.

Took some photos before going out for my birthday. This was when I turned 12 years old. Back in 2007 going into 2008. My birthday is on New Year's Eve so I feel I have to say 200X going into 200Y. I went on the vacation maybe a day after I got out of school for winter break.
This also my first real travel for the break.

Memphis is such a cool city. If all goes well and I can make my getaway, the bus is going to stop in Memphis and my mom's friend will pick us up so maybe I get some photos from 2019. These photos are like 10 years old.

I like to have recent photos sometimes. I haven't been to Memphis in so long so I'd like to see if it changed much.

Crossing the bridge going back to AR. At least I think so. Not sure if we were crossing into TN. I don't remember but it is one of the other.

Night photos are amazing. I sure miss when times were easier.

Crossing the Memphis arch. It lights up at night when it beyond cool.

Hopefully having a somewhat good photo can allow a better photo of the arch.

This was like a kid's photoshoot. I was taller than the boy and now he's taller than me.

This was like a birthday photoshoot type thing. Before I went out for my birthday. The only time I went out on the actual day rather than like a week later. Celebrating your birthday while traveling, that's neat.

Some people out and about.

I don't like this photo that much. I don't know why tho. I just have one of those moments.

These photos are not in the order that they were taken but hey.

This was when we were pulling back into the station in Chicago.

I wish I could live here.

The Xmas tree and some presents under it.

The train crossing the bridge.

These are all the photos I was able to find. Some did get lost when my laptop died last year. Hopefully, when I get back from down south I can start saving up for a good laptop.

I will do more travel diary posts for the rest of my travel photos. I'd love to share these with you. Even though I don't get to travel very often.

PS I can't get the map to pick the location that I took the photos in because when I try I get an error.