Re: Empire of the Dead: the Catacombs of Paris

Oh! I don't feel I would have coped well with that tour (I am a little bit claustrophobic). I'd either be like the humming woman: come up with some sort of annoying tick to deal with the anxiety. Or, like you, imagine rats drawing during a flood, or ... a procession of 6 million souls returning to claim their bones back 😅

Last July my husband and I (together with family from Brazil) visited Évora's Capela do Ossos (bone chapel) - it's aprox. 3 hours from Lisbon.

I'd never seen anything quite like it before.


But, it was - by far - way less creepy than your skeleton tour!



The welcome message at the entrance goes something in the lines of:

We bones that here reside, for yours await. 😬

Thank you for another incredible tour @leaky20 :)

leaky20 @leaky20a month ago

Whoa! Wow. Okay you win. Your place is better hahaha. Wow that looks incredible. It looks beautiful really.

Yeah if you're claustrophobia then ithis location probably wouldn't suit you. It had tight walls and no natural light. It wasn't stuffy or anything but there wasn't much air flow. Not great for people who dislike closed in spaces. My only concern was hitting my head on a stray rock in the ceiling. My head did touch in a few spots


Thanks for the comment and sharing your experience. Enjoy the rest of your week


Oh! 😅