My Better experience in Kathmandu, Nepal (Part-03) 14-01-2020

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Today's i am going to share my another @travelfeed vlog for my lovely steemit friends. You know that some days ago i was visited in nepal. And also i was stying there about 5 day's. I was visited lots of gorgeous place in kathmandu Nepal and taken lots of colourful photography so i decided i male another vlog about this photography for my friends. And i already posted two travel part about this nepal journey so this is my 3rd part to journey experience. Hope you enjoy with me..

Lets uncoverd this photography

Nepal is the most tourist place you know that i think. Its a gorgeous place and bright scenario place. Its have nature location to capture photography for travellers. I think ome person check it he also like here.

Lets uncoverd my hotel environment for you . this photography is below

This scenario in my hotel xerox in nepal. When i was visitef there than i stying here. Its a 5 star hotel this hotel environment is so gorgeous nad inside scenario really impressed you i think.i think its most and popular hotel and liking for if you will travel this place please visit this hoyel for your bettwrr impressments.

Nepa is my favorite one where i can Going personally to safe lots of oalce amd road. No one not anxite you. You freely take photography here. I hope nepal is more beauty queen stying. Here all people so amicable and should visit here.

I think this vlog is so enough for express my travelling experience. And also think you are gain my experience and taken lots of info.

All photography original

Taken me @ahmanik 47

Device - samsaung GalaxyNote5

Location - Kathmandu, Nepal.

Last one word for you. If you are want to lead adventure life you should visit nepal and gain better experience. I

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