Today we will take a short walk around Gaia bay and reveal some of its treasures.

Crossing the famous Luíz I Bridge we reach the other bank of Douro River and we are already in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the riverside area of ​​a new city right there, side by side with the undefeated city of Porto.

In this area of ​​Gaia, next to the Douro River, the movement, tourism and interest for the space rivals Ribeira area in Porto, due to the bars area, cafes and restaurants, but mainly by the famous Port wine cellars that are here located.

This place is also privileged due to the views over the Porto city, namely the historical area, and ideal for walking and visiting the events and markets that are organized there.

Once in Gaia, it is unthinkable not to visit the Port wine cellars to know a little of the history of this which is possibly the best known and emblematic Portuguese wine of the Porto city, and of course, to taste it.

Contrary to what one might think, this wine is produced on the terraces of the Douro River, 100km from Porto in a region considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, It is the special weather and terrain conditions that make this wine a world reference.

One tip is to buy the cable car ticket that takes us from Gaia bay to the upper deck of Luiz I bridge and receive a free entrance to one of the cellars for a Port wine tasting.

After the tasting and already inside the cable car, the trip is short, only 5 minutes on a 600-meter course, but the view from the city of Porto and the rooftops of the Port wine cellars is impressive.

At the top of the bridge, is just amazing the view of the whole downtown area and the Douro river with the old Rabelo boats, which were the vessels that initially carried the wine from the grape growing area.

Sometimes, when we want to contemplate the beauty of something we need to step back for a broader view, and in this case we just need to go across the river to get an incredible view of the city of Porto.

It's all for today :)

All photos presented in this article are my own

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