Starting from the last point where we stayed and in order to continue the itinerary, since we are on the upper deck of the bridge on the side of Gaia, we only have to move forward towards Porto, by the side to let the subway pass :P and by the way register some aerial moments as the routine of residents and tourists in a small square that gives access to the bridge's lower deck, Cais da Ribeira and the Ribeira Tunnel.

From above it is also possible to see the movement around the famous stairs of Codeçal, which will be a beautiful alternative to the cable car to get up here ☺

On the Porto side we are presented with this street art by an unknown author.

This piece of art with the size of the full facade of the house is on private land, so I couldn't get close enough to see if the author would have put his signature somewhere, if anyone knows to tell me please.

We arrive at Porto entering a hill with a privileged view of the historic center, with the beautiful S.Bento train station in the background and the tower of the Porto city hall that announces the long Avenida dos Aliados.

Right next to it, at the top of the hill, the Cathedral of Sé do Porto, guarded by the statue of Vimara Peres, Galician nobleman born in the late 19th century. IX, knight and warlord responsible for expelling the Moors from the Douro river valley, also responsible for the Christian repopulation of the lands between Douro and Minho.

Porto's Sé Cathedral, declared a National Monument, is the most important religious building in Porto, situated in the heart of the historic center in the Batalha district, next to the walls that protected the city in the past. It is one of the main and oldest monuments. from Portugal.

Its construction dates back to the twelfth century and throughout history has undergone many reconstructions, so it has different styles. Most of the cathedral is Baroque in style, although the structure of the facade and the body of the church are Romanesque, with a cloister and a chapel "St. John the Evangelist" in Gothic style.

In the center of the square in front of the Cathedral is a column that was used to hang criminals, but today, perhaps due to lack of knowledge or even bizarre, it serves as a resting place for those who pass by and make use of the small steps. to rest or even have a small snack.

From this point, the view is privileged, over the typical small houses that pile up the hill, the Douro river and the cellars that are on the other side of the river.

It is the ideal place to take some beautiful pictures and breathe the city air.

Now let me share some pictures i took from there:

Is everything for today

All photos presented in this article are my own

Thank you for watching :)