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Metsovo is a traditional Greek town in Epirus situated on the slope of the Pindus mountain range in the form of a kind of amphitheater.

This is an incredibly picturesque place where I try to visit every time I come to Greece. The first photo clearly shows how Metsovo, surrounded by mountain peaks, lies comfortably among the coniferous forests.

During our trip to Greece last year, we stayed in Metsovo for a whole week. I would like to share a few photos taken on one of the beautiful sunny days.

All houses in Metsovo are built in the traditional for Epirus architectural style: stonewalls, wooden roofs, and tiles.

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, according to one version, the name of the town of Metsovo means «bear place» and is derived from a combination of the Slavic words «mẹčovo» («bear») and «ovo» («place» or «village»). According to information from other sources, linguistic researches do not confirm this version.

However, on the main square of the town is a monument to two bears and I really want to believe that bears are a symbol of Metsovo from time immemorial.

View of Metsovo from the south and view of the neighboring village – Anilio.

One of the bridges of the national highway Egnatia, crossing all of Greece from east to west, and passing near Metsovo. The construction of the highway lasted fifteen years and was completed in 2009. Undoubtedly, it played an important role in the development of tourism in Metsovo and my most favorite region of Northern Greece – Zagoroсhoria.

Thank you very much to all of you for your interest and support! :)

Metsovo, Greece.
July, 2018.

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Nice pictures, great place! Thank you for sharing!


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Thank you so much!


that very beautiful landscape, i like your shot. thank you for shared your best experienced.


thanks for your kind words :)


Thank you for a wonderful photo-travel with plenty of information about this beautiful region of Greece!

@greek-trail & @katerinaramm

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