Hoy 25/03/2020 decidí unirme al concurso @invisusmundi. El nombre de mi hija es Eliana Sharlot, es licenciada en fisioterapia.

Trabajó en Clínica Ávila, y antes de que el país entrara en cuarentena social, estaba realizando una capacitación en el área de Terapia Respiratoria, para proporcionar sus servicios en la unidad de cuidados intensivos (UCI), en los pisos de hospitalización de la clínica y en el zona de emergencia

El 13/02/2020 se realizó la primera charla educativa sobre coronavirus para informar a los trabajadores de salud en la clínica. ; a través de un panel de expositores epidemiológicos de la clínica y médicos de la universidad.

At the time, we were not quarantined and no positive Covid-19 case was known in the country.Since the sampling kit had not yet arrived with the means of transport, to laboratories identified as strategic in the face of a possible case of COVID-19 in the country, nor to the clinic (they were coming).

The meeting established the universal standards applied for any diseases that are transmissible by higher airways. As is hand washing, continuous cleaning to surfaces, avoid greeting, mandatory use of preventive equipment.And take extreme caution against any patient who had contact or recently traveled to Wuhan or from China.

From my personal opinion, the measures taken and information in place lacked sustenment. At the time epidemiologists explained that it was highly unlikely that a case of Covid-19 arrived in the country, and if that were the case there would first have to be about 740 infected in the U.S. (which was not yet in that country).

"However, at that time, there was already a case in Brazil and Colombia, countries bordering Venezuela. Logic told me that those words were to lower the anguish and so that the clinic workers wouldn't panic. ''

The absolute truth is that countries with the Health System like Venezuela are not able to face this reality, In the coexistence of the citizen in the day-to-day basis, not only is exposed to covid-19, You can also become contaminated with tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough). Although these are diseases that currently can be controlled and eradicated, between the Venezuelan patients suffer from these diseases in hospitals and clinics in the country and unfortunately there are no resources to confront him.

In order not to enter into a political vacuum, the reality is summarized in 77 cases: they are affirmed in the updated pages of cases covid-19 in Venezuela, but these are not the actual numbers we see health professionals, (there are many more).

In conclusion the infant mortality rate will rise, not only caused by the coronavirus, if not in patients with heart disease that could not be adequately controlled, or by those who were not able to eat properly as the food is bought with the money obtained from the work of the day. And… God free us from other secrets that are saved in the country.

I just want to close this post, to make a call of attention to our faith, to social consciousness, and the exploitation of the family time, values such as solidarity, which is more than necessary in this pandemic and that with this quarantine has finally regained its value. Thank you!