Between the master and the tourist

Equipment is very important for a tourist. What can a tourist do without? Without good shoes, without comfortable clothes, without means for lighting a fire, and of course, without a knife or an ax.

About axes and knives, I know almost nothing. But it turned out that I have one friend - a blacksmith who is engaged in the manufacture of axes, and, of course, knives.

When this master tells me about the features of this or that ax, which for me are almost no different, I begin to understand that in this matter, like in many others, there are a huge number of subtleties.

What steel to choose, how to harden it, what shape to choose, how to distribute weight, which to prepare wood for the handle. All these questions are of great importance to the finished result.

In the collection of tourist axes, my master already has a lot of models. Some of them even took part in the filming of the unusual Discovery Channel tourist program.

But today we will focus on the new product. Most recently, the master performed a new example of a kind of cleaver. This is a cross between an ordinary cleaver and an ax.

Such a tool is not very heavy, which allows you to take it with you on a hike. Moreover, the tool is multifunctional. So you can cut down a tree and work with meat.

Everything is white in the form that the master chose for this product. He distributed the weight so that the center of mass was shifted to the side of the blade and upon impact, such a cleaver cuts harder.

In addition, when it comes to the axes and knives of my friend’s master, I always see beautiful work. From an aesthetic point of view, it is always a perfect tool.

Just look at this miracle.

By the way, the master gives a name to each of his products. The author called this killer whale.

For some reason, the shape of the blade suggested this name.

When I got this tool in my hands, I immediately went to nature to take photos of this cleaver in real surroundings of the campaign. And that’s what happened.

If anyone will be interested in acquiring such a tool - write to me in the comments - I will find a way to make sure that you contact the master directly.