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Amikphoto @amikphoto
· May 2019 · 2 min read · Russia · #photography


The time of white

Last winter was good. Frost, snow - all this was enough. Maybe it was not enough sunny days, but still such days were.
One of these days I got up early and dressed warmly. All in the camera, went to the neighborhood of my city, to find a beautiful plot.

The sun was rising and it was truly beautiful.
The temperature was about -20 degrees Celsius.

I remembered that there is a small village not very far from the city. In this village I have already been and photographed the church. I decided to go there.

The village is interesting because the Italian architect designed and built the bell tower for the church. It is strange to meet in central Russia the creations of the hands of the heirs Mekilyangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.

By the way, you can see my post about the high bell. It was also winter. Only, it seems, a year ago.

I can not recognize the picturesqueness of these places. All this is the territory of the Kostroma region - the most south-western part of it.
Kostroma region itself is quite large. The distance to the most northeastern part of the region is almost 500 km. This is a fairly long distance, which even affects nature. In the north of the region, the forest is more northern, taiga.

I was very lucky with the weather. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. Looking at such a Russian winter with great pleasure I want to return it.

But everything has its time. It is spring now and it will be so.












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You had beautiful winter and you took an advantage of it. Your photos are lovely, especially the last one with snow on the branches. It looks epic!

We had very mild winter and actually almost no snow which is a pity as I like all season and their specifics.

But as you said, now it's spring so we need to enjoy it the way it is :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

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The shots are really beautiful, I really liked them :) Thanks for sharing them with us.

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Beauitful photos! Thanks for sharing. :)

Funny enough I want to experience a harsh winter with heavy snow at least once.You have taken some amazing photographs and it was well worth getting warmly dressed up for them. Thanks for sharing your experience.

The place is so peaceful. I love it. I always imagine living in a country where there is snowfall. We don't experience that in the tropicals and I always dreamed of experience it. Playing in the snow such as making a snowman and throwing some snowballs. I think it is a truly wonderful thing you could do. Hopefully, that dream will come true someday.

Thanks for the wonderful share. God bless you.

Thanks a lot

Looking at your photos made me remember how I don't miss winter. I don't miss it at all, even though I like it a lot.
I like the photos, you've managed to capture some great moments, among which the sun shining. That's not an easy task as the weather is mostly gloomy during winter. I can't choose one photo to say that's my favorite, lucky me, I don't have to. the first three are stunning.

Thank you :) we are waiting for good summer :)

Good to hear :)

hi @amikphoto
I love the north and the big cold. Your photos are wonderful, the white of the snow is so perfect with the sun behind the branches. everything seems so pure that it seems that evil cannot exist. Congratulations beautiful shots

Thank you :)

Russia is so amazing, I wish I could travel across the entire Russia and check out every region, so much beautiful nature, and pretty in every season of the year. :)

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Nice shots!

Thank you :)