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Milan. Least Italian city of Italy

The upcoming trip to Italy makes you think about it all the time. Recently, I travel very little abroad. This is mainly due to small incomes.
Therefore, the decision to travel makes me work very hard and worry.

As I said, Italy is a very cool country to travel. Italians are beautiful people and Italy is a beautiful country. Italy and Italian culture became the basis for the development of modern society. The Renaissance is the time when people freed themselves from the shackles of the Middle Ages and began to strive for exalted arts and creativity.

Of course, the era of the quadrocento - the times of Michelangelo and Leonardo, left many beautiful works of art and architecture. Italy is rich in such an inheritance.

On the basis of Renaissance art, the formation of the further development of Baroque art took place. And now, we see a huge number of works of art that are embodied in every house in almost every city in Italy.

That's very beautiful. I made a selection of my photos in black and white. These works were prepared for printing on walls for interior decoration.

Despite the lack of color, or rather, even due to the lack of color, you can pay special attention to the form.

These are these details of ancient architecture, a special chic of ancient buildings, stone pavements. These are amazing details and moments that create a sense of Italy for me.

All these photos were taken in Milan. This is a large city that has long been under the influence of the Austrians and French. This is the place where Leonardo da Vinci created and it is definitely a real Italian city.


















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Molto bene ! Bellissima foto ... !!


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