Stories from the Russian North. Zaonezhie.

Today I recalled one episode from a trip to Lake Onega. Of course, the main destination of the trip remains Kizhi island, but many small and insignificant places gave us a lot of pleasant views and a new sensation.

One such place is Cosmozero. Cosmozero is one of the largest lakes in Zaonezhie. And Zaonezhye is the territory of the Zaonezhsky Peninsula and the adjacent Kizhi skerries.

Locals call themselves zaonezhnikami.

This is a very harsh region. Cold winters and wildlife required the locals to survive in difficult conditions. Of course, this region is rich in fish in lakes and game in forests. Hunting and fishing have always been important parts of the life of the inhabitants of Donetsk.

Today, many lovers of work and fishing come to these parts to get their prey in conditions close to the primitive.

In addition, this region is rich in cultural heritage. Northern wooden architecture in these parts is interesting for researchers from all over the world.

We went to these places precisely because of the wooden architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the Kizhi Museum Island.

But I was distracted.

Our base on the territory of Zaonezhie was in the village of Bolshaya Guba. This is the closest settlement to the island of Kizhi. A trip to the island was associated with hiring a boat. Such transportation is one of the types of earnings of local residents.

I must say that the local population in Zaonezhye is becoming less and less. First, people from small villages and towns move to some city. For example, in Medvezhyegorsk. From Medvezhyegorsk they are heading to a larger city, to Petrozavodsk. And from there they are already going to St. Petersburg in search of a simpler and more convenient life.

But there are those who really love this region, difficult for life, and are ready to devote all life to these places.

On one of our days in the village of Velikaya Guba, we decided to go to nearby settlements and look around.

There are roads on the peninsula. Somewhere even asphalt. Of course, during the spring and autumn thaw, it is very difficult to travel by ordinary civilian car, but our trip took place at the very beginning of summer, just on these very days.

It was warm and sunny.

I opened the map and began to look at what objects are near our base. One of the places interested me. It was the chapel of Cosmas and Damian.

This chapel stands in a field by the lake near the village of Narrow. The village got such a strange name, probably from the landscape. This place is the narrowest places Cosmosere.

As I understand it, the chapel was originally built in the 17th century, but was changed and rebuilt several times.

At the base of the chapel is a log house made of pine logs. Above the main room is an octagon of a small tented bell tower. Above it is a small head with a wooden Orthodox cross.

Everything is very simple and sincere. The chapel is always open. A sign hangs on the facade, which indicates what and when was the last time to repair and restore this chapel.

The last time work was carried out in 2007.

I still remember walking along the tall grass to the chapel. Around her was so quiet and calm.

I want to return to those places again. Even without looking at mosquitoes and midges.