May morning fogs

A white veil begins to creep over the Volga, but it is so tight that sometimes you can not see not only the other bank, but nothing at all ten meters away.
It was morning, and not quite so early. The fog stood from the night and was very dense, but around 10 o'clock in the morning the sun and the breeze rose, and they spread the white wall of the fog, making it possible to see through it.

Here and I arrived in time for the shore.

I don’t know if I managed to show the fog in all its glory, but it seems that the effect did work out.

Nature brings a lot of pleasure arranging such views. Yesterday was a heavy rain. Today is fog.
By the way, yesterday's rain made a flood in the city. In some places, cars floated in puddles without touching the road with wheels.

And in the photos you can see the right bank of the Volga. In front of you is a church. This is the Savior - Transfiguration Church, a monument of history and culture of federal significance, located in the former Spasskaya settlement, which in the early 20th century. entered the city limits. The church was built in 1685–1688.

While this place is dominated by low-rise buildings, we can enjoy the view of the church, towering above the roofs of houses. Looking at this picture I always feel some kind of affection. This is a piece of real Russia. Let the dirty, even in the fog, but this is the real Russia.

Soon the fog began to dissipate. The sun came out, albeit through dense clouds. Soon the Volga completely cleared of fog and I decided to go further, to do things.

Before leaving, I still went to the bridge. We in the city of Kostroma have two bridges over the Volga River. The first bridge is automobile. The second bridge is a railway. The road bridge had almost no fog, but the railway bridge was shrouded in clubs of white fog. The fog was illuminated by the bright rays of the sun and the design of the bridge looked thin and light.

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