City on the Volga

What could be better than spending a summer evening in the town of Plyos.

This small city on the banks of the Volga is a very beautiful place. It is no coincidence that the famous Russian artist Isaac Ilyich Levitan chose these places to stop.

A well-known story from the diaries of people traveling with Levitan along the Volga about how a very long time the artist was looking for a place for an open air. And one morning he saw the hills along the Volga and was so fascinated by these hills that he would invite his companions to get off the ship right here. But this ship sailed along the Volga from Nizhny Novgorod itself. This is a very long distance and of all the beautiful Volga species the artist chose Plyos.

Now this city is located in the Ivanovo region. Once it was part of the Kostroma province. If you go by car from Kostroma, then in Ples you can be in 40 minutes.

And so, on Saturday evening we got into the car and went to Plyos.

It was very hot and stuffy weather. The sun now appeared on the blue sky, then hid behind the clouds. But the air was very warm and humid. By night there should have been a thunderstorm.

This is not the first time we are going to Ples. You can enter the city from different directions. If earlier we drove into the very center of the city, today we decided to call in from the side of the wooden chapel, on the site of which there used to be the same wooden chapel with which the artist Levitan began to make sketches of one of his most famous paintings.

This chapel is located on the so-called Mount Levitan. The church on this mountain is called the Church of the Resurrection of Christ.

The mountain offers views of the Volga and the Cathedral Mountain. Cathedral Mountain is the main place of the ancient city of Plyos. There is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

And earlier on this mountain was the Kremlin. Around the mountain are still preserved loose land ramparts. This is part of the city’s defense system.

Between these hills flows a small river called Shohonka. This is a very small river that flows into the Volga.

There is a small spill in front of the estuary. In this spill along the banks is the parking of fishing boats.

Fishermen in Plyos are part of life. Fishing and selling smoked fish throughout the city is a true visiting card of the modern city. All this is more designed for tourists. But sometimes walking past the point of sale of smoked fish you just fool about the smell and you want to immediately buy and eat right there, on the banks of the Volga, sitting on the pier and looking at the Volga.

We went down from Mount Levitan and walked along the Volga to the central square of the city. This is a retail space. There are benches for tourists on this square. Around are shops and cafes.

The Resurrection Church rises above the square.

The sun got confused in the domes of this church and I took pictures of the rays passing through the gold of crosses and domes. This was beautiful.

Then the sun went behind the cloud and the lighting became even.

We set off on the return trip but on another road. On the way, I took pictures of the windows of old houses.

When we got to the car I was completely wet. Such was the stuffy weather.

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