The first day in Italy.

Leaving the airport, I went to the place of accommodation, so that later in the night I would not look for an unfamiliar hotel in an unfamiliar place.
I must say that the road leads me around the city of Bari. The road is of good quality and free. There is a toll highway in this region that connects Bari and Naples. I did not need this road at all and I immediately indicated in the navigator that the navigator would avoid toll roads.
Firstly, I do not want to pay once again, and secondly, small free roads are always more interesting and picturesque.

And so, I'm going to the place of overnight. I chose this hotel in the booking system because of the free cash parking available, convenient location relative to the city of Bari, low price and good ratings.
I quickly approached the chosen address and after a short time I left the highway on a small path that led me to the sea.

Imagine my feeling that was breaking my heart with delight. After the cold weather and gloomy clouds of Russian autumn, I ended up at the azure warm sea. It smelled of the sea. I touched the water and was surprised how warm the water was.
With the feeling of a real vacation, I continued to move to the hotel. And then I was struck by the first surprise. There was no hotel.
The address that I entered in the navigator was only a fence wall. Having passed a little ahead, I realized by the house numbers that the hotel had remained somewhere behind. I turned around and drove back. And again, passing by the place where I stayed for the first time I did not see any hotel and again the numbers of houses began to decrease relative to the address I needed.
It was a paradox. I stopped and started walking, trying to figure out this misunderstanding.
In the place where my hotel was supposed to be there was some kind of construction, fenced. I even asked a few passersby about my hotel, showing the address on the phone and trying to explain in English what I was looking for. As a result, no one could say anything.
I already thought that I was the victim of some kind of misunderstanding, since the money for the night was already debited from my bank card.
There was nothing left to do, that again to begin to understand. I got into the car. And then a small truck stopped in front of my car. Two workers came out of it and began to do something near the closed gate. The gates were old, with no sign and number. I went to the workers and asked about the hotel. They began to deny at first, but afterwards, they looked at each other strangely, then looked into the back of the car. I also looked into the back.
In the back lay a sign of the very hotel I was looking for. And the gates that were closed and had no identification marks turned out to be the very gates that led to the hotel.
So I found my hotel ...

The name of the hotel - Terradamarebari. Located - 24 Strada della Marina 24, 70126 Bari, Italy.
When I left the hotel the sign hung and the gates were open.

The hotel left a good impression, so I can safely recommend it.

to be continued