First meeting with Lavender in Provence

Once in July, I found myself in the vast south of France. The main purpose of that trip was to visit the lavender fields of Provence.

Beautiful photos of purple fields always made a strong impression on me and I wanted to see it with my own eyes.

The trip to France was carried out as part of a large trip to Europe by car from Russia. Before getting to France, we traveled to such countries as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy. Our trip was accompanied by visits to various interesting places. For example, Lake Balaton or the coastal village of Apatia on the shores of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

The trip was long. When we got to France, all our family members were already quite tired. The sun and the sea can also tire. And the rest of the amount of money that I was going to spend on vacation began to decrease markedly.

And when I entered the territory of France, it seemed to me that money began to flow in general. The last days of rest in Italy we spent on the Mediterranean coast. Beautiful beach, beautiful beach. Everything was very good.

Along this coast, bypassing Genoa, we drove on to France. Since I did not know exactly where the fields of Lavender were, I decided to first come to the city of Avignon and from there to look for lavender.

When we arrived in Avignon, it turned out that all the hotels were occupied there. In Avignon, there was some big celebration that day and a lot of people gathered for it. We spun around the city, trying to find a hotel, but didn’t find anything.

I decided that I should immediately go to the countryside and look for an overnight stay there. We went to a place called Sault.

Somewhere I read about this place, as the most important center of lavender in this region.

And so, along a small path we drive along the fields and copses of French Provence. We pass by small settlements in which there are even cafes and other infrastructure. This is very different from what happens in such villages in Russia.

In one of these villages, we decided to stop and have a snack. It was funny, since we did not speak French and the cafe workers did not speak any other languages. The cafe workers were especially surprised at the fact that we arrived from Russia. At least the fact that there is Russia on the world map was not surprising for them.

And now, having a snack, we again drive along the road in anticipation of seeing lavender fields. By that time it was already getting dark. I began to prepare for the fact that I would have to sleep right in the car. This is not very convenient, but possible.

And suddenly, at a time when the sun had already set over the horizon, around the bend in the road, suddenly I saw blue fields.

It was lavender.

So we got into this amazing land of the lavender fields of Provence.

And we settled down for the night already in the village of Sault. We arrived at the place very soon after we met the first lavender fields. We managed to get a room and very tired we went to sleep.

And in the morning, looking around, we found ourselves on a hillock, around which everything was in blooming lavender. Morning coffee, croissants and we are again ready for exploits and adventures.