Example of boyish prowess

It was in the Crimea. I witnessed the boys jumping into a small bath in the rocks. The stream flows from the mountains and fills the folds in the rocks, forming small places where you can swim. The water is cold, but if the sun bakes hard, it's nothing.

First the boys just swam. Then they began to jump into this pond from the rocks. First with the lowest, then higher and higher. And then climbed so high that you can not even see the water body, until you come to the very edge.

The most chic - to run up and toss from the cliff into the muddy waters.

Look at this scary!

It seems that one careless movement and the guy will break up. But everything goes as it should and the diver falls into the water. He climbs out of the water under the approving shouts of his comrades.

And I exhale and look around the rocks. This is the age-old folds of the mountains. A stream flows along the gorge. Somewhere above there must be a waterfall. There I go.
When the local people advised us to get up, they said that these bathtubs were coming across. The higher they are, the colder the water in them.

Those who are weak in spirit, that would jump into the water skating as if from a roller-coaster along the troughs that run through the water. This is most often girls.

It was in my last trip to Crimea.

We stood in the village of Morskoe, not far from Sudak. The hostess, a brisk old woman, said that there is not far away, in Zelenogorye there is a beautiful waterfall and a mountain lake. After such a word-of-mouth advertisement, we decided that there was nothing to do-we had to go and see.

By car from the Sea to Zelenogorye nothing at all. 20 minutes' drive. The mountain lake is 100 meters from the parking lot. Immediately the path to the falls begins. An ad has been posted. Like, before the waterfall - 300 meters. This, to put it mildly, is an advertising trick. Before the waterfall you still have to walk.
But the road gives pleasure. When else it is necessary to go on a trail in a stone gorge. In places you need to be very careful, because somewhere there are no safety aids and you go, practically snuggling up to the stone, and for the legs there is a small ledge, at least not a big one, but a failure.
I had to climb the ladder, jump from stone to stone, walking along the creek.
Soon they came to the baths in the rocks.
This is where I saw jumping guys.

Now I want to show some photos from there. It's beautiful place.