Temple in the city of Vichuga

You know what happens. You ride along the road, you have been driving for a long time and nothing special happens along the road. The landscape does not change, you do not see anything remarkable and you do not expect anything interesting. And suddenly something appears on the horizon ... Something unusual, something attracting attention to itself. And immediately, life becomes more interesting and you want to get there faster, to the place where you saw this miracle.

I remember exactly what happened to me in Germany when I traveled north from Bavaria. The road was completely unfamiliar to me. I just looked on the map which highway I should choose and moved along it, trying to keep up with the general traffic flow.

It was early morning. Over the fields around was thick fog. I drove for two or three hours and the speed of the German autobahn, the fog and view of the road acted on me zombie.

The fog began to rise and everything around began to sink in a whitish haze. Landscapes of manicured German fields disappeared in this veil and I saw only the road and the lights of other cars.

And suddenly, out of the corner of my eye in the fog high above the road, I saw a tower spire. The very base of the tower was hidden in white mist and I saw only a spire. This spire was so high that my mind refused to believe that what I see actually existed.

For a while, the tower appeared or disappeared from the clouds of fog. It looked amazing, if not magical.

Later, when there was an opportunity, I tried to find out what I saw. It turned out I drove past the highest bell tower in Europe. This is the bell tower of the city of Ulm. So I was lucky to see a miracle just by driving by car.

A similar incident happened to me the other day, only already in Russia.

I drove along small paths from the city of Nizhny Novgorod to my home in Kostroma. I decided to go along the shortest road, although not of very good quality. The choice of route was in some places not at all justified. In one section, the road completely collapsed and consisted of pits and potholes. But when I passed a bad section of the road, everything was not so bad. I drove through my native expanses. I drove for several hours and my eyes were accustomed to the beauties of my native nature. Nothing surprised me or made me happy anymore. I started to get tired.

And suddenly, in front of me I saw a tall bell tower, the top of which shone with gold. Next to the bell tower stood a temple of the same color with golden domes. From the road it seemed to me that the bell tower was simply huge. I was very surprised because I did not know about this temple.

It turned out to be the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in the city of Vichuga.

The city of Vichuga is a very small town in the Ivanovo region. About 30 thousand people live in it.

This temple on the outskirts of the city attracted my attention. The temple was built in the period from 1908 to 1911 at the expense of one of the local manufacturers.

The architect was called from Moscow and the temple was built in a pseudo-Russian style. Inside the cathedral was painted by masters from the city of Palekh, which is known for its traditions in painting miniatures.

The vivid impression of the temple that I received when looking at the structure from the road did not diminish as much as I approached the temple closely.

Well-groomed territory, majolica on the walls, gold domes - all this causes respect and awe.

And also the huge size of the structure. Not for nothing that the temple is so clearly visible from the road.

This temple turned out to be the reason for visiting the city of Vichuga, about which I will tell more. But that will be another story.