City Fashion Center Italy

Next Tuesday, if all goes well, I will be walking in the blessed land of Italy. In the meantime, I recall those happy moments when I visited this wonderful country before.
In recent years, my most frequently visited city in Italy is Milan.
I remember the first time I came to this city. It was spring. The weather was cool and rainy. We stayed at the Minerva hotel. It is not the center of the city, but still quite close to the center. Walking distance from the hotel to the Dome Square is 30 minutes.
We arrived at the hotel late in the evening. Although I was tired, I went to explore the surroundings. Everything was new and outlandish. The local homeless people I met immediately drank beer at the night stall.
Then there were young people with whom I discussed something, joking. In general, nothing special, but just the first meeting with local Aborigines. By the way, they could not understand that I was from Russia. They did not even imagine what Russia is.
He walked a little more and went to bed waiting for a new day and new experiences.

And in the morning there was Milan in all its splendor. The first thing that interested me was the city center. Here is the Duom Cathedral, here is the gallery of Victor Emanuel II. Very beautiful square.
The cathedral looks like a sugar cake. This is one of the most beautiful cathedrals that I have seen. Very smart and festive. All in sculptures and bas-reliefs. I remember how impressed I was at the gates of the cathedral.
In front of the cathedral is a large area. There are always a lot of people on it. People from the Middle East here and there are trying to beg for money or sell something unnecessary. For example - food for pigeons. You can drive away such annoying beggars only with the help of the loudly spoken word "police".
After examining the area, you can go to the shopping gallery of Victor Emanuel II. There are very beautiful mosaics on the floor, a glass dome overhead and all the most expensive and fashionable shops. Beautiful life.
Around and nearby you can see street musicians, and all kinds of actors, living statues. Everyone is trying to make money and survive in this big city.

That was my first meeting with Milan.