Some photos of May nature

Today's post is more about the beauty of the native land and the vicissitudes of the May weather.

May is one of the brightest seasons. Around everything blooms and grows. Green leaves appear in large numbers near trees. White flowers of fruit trees adorn the city.

Insects begin to fly, life is visible everywhere.

I decided to take a walk around the city and take some pictures, but my walk somehow accidentally led me out of town.

May weather is interesting in that it can change very much in a short time. For example, yesterday, the air temperature was about 25 degrees Celsius. Very warm.

All around walked almost in shorts and T-shirts. Absolutely summer weather. By the way, it was also very warm at night.

And today, the temperature has dropped by almost 15-20 degrees. The temperature dropped to 5 degrees Celsius. It became cold and windy.

At the same time, even the cooling in May did not surprise me or frighten me. On the contrary. Such changes in the weather make the sky more beautiful. Beautiful clouds are floating in the sky, a black cloud may appear and after it - a blue sky with white clouds.

Such changes in the weather are very pleasant to man. I don’t know why, but I’m sure. A person does not like it when the weather is the same. For example, if there is no rain for a long time on the street, everyone begins to lament that it is dry and there is no rain. If it rains, it will be unpleasant that damp. If it is hot, the experience of heat will begin, but if you just become cooler, you will immediately begin to resent this fact. The only thing that confuses me in this philosophy is that the very change in weather is also perceived negatively.

In a word, a person is a rather strange subject.

But despite this, I walk around the city and enjoy the wonderful beauty of natural changes, the beginning of a new life, greenery and flowering, and all this, regardless of temperature and weather.