Night race for the sunrise

Leaving your comfort zone

It all started with the fact that I installed a special application on my smartphone that allows me to find out where and at what time the sun will be visible anywhere in the world. This application is convenient for photographers, as with the help of this program you can find out exactly where on the terrain the sunset or sunrise will be and at what time.

I have installed PhotoPills app. And so I sit and study the application, look at the map of the area and suddenly I see a point on the map - this is the village of Dunilovo. A place known to me in the Ivanovo region.

There are two villages on the Teza River. These villages are united by a bridge over the river. This bridge offers a very beautiful view of the monastery and several more churches, which are located in the village of Dunilovo, which is located on the left bank of the Teza River.

And so I look at the map and see that tomorrow's sunrise will occur directly over the river and from the bridge it will be seen how the sun will appear over the horizon.

This thought so overwhelmed me that I immediately thought that it would be very good to be on this bridge at the moment of sunrise.

I looked at the sunrise time in the program - it was about 4 o'clock in the morning. I estimated the time it would take me to travel from Kostroma (the city in which I live) to the village of Dunilovo. It's about an hour and a half. It turns out that you need to get up at about 2 o'clock in the morning to be in time for everything.

This is a real challenge. I decided I could!

I went to bed early in order to somehow get some sleep by two in the morning. By the time the alarm rang, I was already on my feet and ready for adventure.

Quickly dressing and washing, I grabbed my photo case with a camera and a tripod and got into the car. It was a dark night. The deserted streets of the city at night gave me hope that I could quickly get out onto the suburban highway. But it's not that simple. In the darkest hour of the night, the road workers decided to do something and blocked my road. I had to look for a detour.

But everything was decided and now I am already on the track, rushing forward to arrive in a village located more than 100 kilometers from home by sunrise.

In the headlights of the high beam, the deserted road was like space. There was almost no one on the track and I was driving at the maximum allowed speed. The night road is full of dangers. An elk could come out of the forest onto the road. This is very frustrating. Therefore, all my attention was concentrated on the road.

More than an hour passed when I drove up to the village of Dunilovo. In the east, the sky was bright, but not even a trace of the rising sun was visible.

After getting out of the car, I deployed my tripod and prepared to shoot.

The weather was very warm. The temperature was around 16-17 degrees Celsius. It's very warm for the night. There were almost no mosquitoes. It's nice.

First, I took a few photos from the very bridge between the villages of Goritsy and Dunilovo. And then he decided to go down to the river.

The beauty of the morning landscape was amazing. Fog lay in front of me across the fields. From time to time splashes ran across the mirror-like surface of the river. This fish made itself felt.

There was also fog on the river. The fog moved very slowly and it became thick, then almost completely disappeared.

And so, in the east there was a reflection of the pink sun. It is not yet the luminary itself, but only a trace of its presence. But the sun was rising quickly and the bright blazing edge of the sun above the horizon was already visible and the sun continued its way up to the zenith.

It was a fantastic picture. At that moment I was happy. A sleepless night, a long journey, all this ceased to have any meaning. I saw the miracle of a new day and could capture it on my camera.

It felt good.

For about an hour or more, I was engrossed in the filming process. In addition to the rising sun in the village of Dunilovo, there is still much to see. These are both temples and nature.

When the sun was fully up in the sky, I went home. In high spirits and with a lot of trophy photos that I'm going to share with you.

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