Early spring in Plyos.

Plyos - a small beautiful town in which they try to preserve all the best that was the traditions of architecture in Russia.

This city is located not far from my place of residence - the city of Kostroma. By car, you need forty minutes to get from Kostroma to Plyos.

Now Plyos is a tourist center. Many tourists come here, but most often in the summer and autumn. Now the season has not yet begun and there are almost no people in Plyos.

The weather was fine on the street - it smelled in the spring and I decided to go with my family for a walk in Plyos.

Even on the way to Plyos there were wonderful views of the Russian nature. Fields and forests, villages and towns are visible along the roads.

Passing by one such village, I could not stand it, stopped and got out of the car to take a picture of this lovely place.

There are houses and a church and a general feeling of a Russian place.

And then we arrived in Plyos.

Despite the fact that the sun was shining on the street it was very cold. And like a cloud flew over evil and closed the sun.

But still, we went for a walk around the city to see the beauty of the city.

And there is something to see. For example, clouds bring snow charge. From the side it looks like fog. Sharp, spiky snow similar to groats.

The first thing I did was climb Mount Sobornaya. On this mountain is the Assumption Cathedral. And from this mountain the most beautiful view of the city and Mount Levitan. On Mount Levitan stands a memorial to this famous Russian artist. Levitan loved this city and was often here. And on the mountain stands a wooden church, which is very similar to the one that Levitan depicted in his painting “Above Eternal Peace”.

When we thoroughly froze around and decided to go home, landscapes along the roads again attracted me. There is a rivulet and a temple on a hill. Real Russian nature.