The story of one photo shoot

While looking for a series of photographs from one trip, I stumbled upon pictures that I took in the past year. It was that same pandemic summer, when everything was closed and all that remained was to drive around your city in search of spectacular views.

I remember that this whole story of sunrise photography began with the installation on my smartphone of a special program that shows the positions of the sun and moon at a certain time on the ground. This allows you to plan your survey with high precision. You know where the sun will be and you can calmly estimate when you need to arrive at the shooting location.

In my case, the sunrise was supposed to take place at 4 am. I had to go almost two to the place. I had to get up at two in the morning to attend this magnificent performance in a beautiful place.

I was very impressed that day. Fog over the water, the rising sun, dew on the grass and cobwebs. All this was so beautiful that I was charged with impressions for a certain time.

But time passed and even this magnificent dawn was erased from memory. I completely forgot about that shoot. But then I started looking for photos from a completely different place and came across this folder.

I looked at the photographs, many of which I had not even processed, and again plunged into that state of euphoria.

Dunilovo village, summer dawn, sounds of insects and calls of early roosters. Delightful.

I can’t resist and show again some of the photographs I took that wonderful morning.

And I'm even thinking about going to those places one more time and taking another photograph there.