My travel stories

It seems to me that if on a journey you drive only by car, or if you go only on foot, or swim by boat - this is a more boring journey than the one in which you change vehicles.

I can not say that this is a fresh mole.

But, I'm always very happy when this situation arises and you can swim on a boat after a long journey by car.
On my last trip to the island of Kizhi, boarding a boat is a must.
Kizhi is an island. The island is part of the land, surrounded on all sides by water.
Without a boat can not do.

I reached the shore of the lake for a long trip from the city of Vologda. The place on the shore of Lake Onega, to which I arrived, is called the Velikaya Guba.

It was too late. I found the last rays of the sunset over the lake. There were a lot of mosquitoes around, who immediately started trying to bite me.

In the evening, mosquitoes are brutalized.

We spent the night in a guest house. The hosts gave us a room with a real stove. The stove was in pits. After a whole day on the road, we fell asleep without extra talking.

In the evening




In the morning

In the morning the weather was very good. The evening before it was raining and it was cloudy, and in the morning there was a blue sky and a bright sun.

We had breakfast and left the house. Mosquitoes set us up on the street, but the sun and a light breeze reduced their chances of biting us.

On the shore, we went to the pier, from which our waterway started on the island of Kizhi. On the beach, we met women who washed carpets. In the era of washing machines and technologies, this looks rather unusual. But here, in the north, in a village where there is not even gas, it's very natural.

On the dock we were met by a carrier on a boat. Merry, not young already, man. Tanned and muscular. On the right in his mouth, an iron tooth glistened.
He helped us to board and we went on a voyage.










By the way, in the evening photos you can see my faithful car. For today he has already run 173,000 kilometers.