The Evening on the Volga.

The beginning of summer is a great time. Usually the weather at this time is good. So on that day towards evening, the clouds somewhere were blown away by the wind and the sky began to clear. It's time to go for a walk in the city. The best place for a short walk is the embankment of the Volga River.

Our path begins right in the center of the city. We went to the central square and saw a beautiful sunset behind a fire tower. Hoping to see the continuation of the heavenly spectacle of the sun and clouds, we went to our place on the river.

My wife and I have one small place that we found by accident. This is a landfall next to one large enterprise. This is not an official promenade. It’s just that the coast is not fenced in this place, and if you go to the river from the enterprise’s parking lot, after a few meters you can see water through the branches of trees. Having passed through these trees we went out to the water itself.

From this point a very beautiful view opens. On the right you can see how the expanse of the river goes into the distance. Still to the right are the domes of the Ipatiev Monastery.

On the left is a bridge across the Volga.

The main view is the right bank of the Volga. It is very beautiful, especially in the evening, when the whole coast is covered with yellow dots of lanterns and lights in the windows.

And also, usually during sunset from this point a beautiful view of the sunset sky opens. Each time this species is different. Sometimes the sunset is red, sometimes orange, sometimes even more interesting, painted in different colors from purple to orange.

But that day a gray dark cloud appeared in the west, which hid the sun from us and the sunset did not work. I was just about to be disappointed, but then, suddenly my wife exclaimed “Look!” and she showed her hand somewhere behind me.

I turned around and was amazed. Low in the sky above the Volga was a pink moon. The moon was big and full. It was a bewitching view.

So it turned out that instead of sunset, we went to sunrise. Only sunset was supposed to be sunset, and sunrise was moonrise.

Since such a phenomenon - the rising of the full moon - is not as frequent as a normal sunset, then you should not be sad about this. Better enjoy the view.

We went along the promenade towards the moon. It was very nice. The road leads among lanterns and past a beautiful landing stage. This river pier is one of the sights of our city. The debarkader was built in 1965 and turned into a symbol of the city after one well-known Russian film director made a good film in our city and the actions of the film also took place on this debarkader.

This facility has had bad times. At some point, it was very dilapidated and needed repair. And when he once disappeared from the embankment, I thought that everything was over with him and the embankment would be orphaned without him. But one day, in the early nineties, he returned repaired, updated, but just as beautiful.

The embankment became beautiful again with this floating pier.