Athens Walk

There is an ancient legend about how Athena became the patron saint of this city. The goddess argued with the god Poseidon about who would give people more useful things and whom exactly people would choose as their patron.

Poseidon - the god of the seas, gave people a source of water. This is of course a royal gift, but the water at the source was salty, not very suitable for drinking.

Athena gave the people an olive tree, which gives people food and oil and material for fire. After such a gift, Athena was chosen as the patron saint of the city. She won the argument with Poseidon.

The cult of the olive tree in Greece is still revered. Greek olive oil is one of the most delicious and best in the world.

Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. Athens takes 7th place in the ranking of the most populated cities in Europe.

Athens is located in southeastern Greece, in the coastal prefecture of Attica. The city is surrounded on three sides by the mountains of Parnita, Egaleo and Pendeli, and on the fourth - it is washed by the Aegean Sea. Almost all year round Athens is warmed by the bright Balkan sun. The capital of Greece has a very peculiar and complex relief created by plains and 12 hills.

The first mention of this city dates back to the 15th century BC - this is the approximate date when Athens was founded.

Athens now has a population of more than 3 million people. The official language is Greek. The currency of Greece is the euro (EUR).

Athens is divided into seven districts. Near the Acropolis is the Plaka area. There are many cafes and small narrow streets.

Monastiraki area. In this area we got on our very first walk through the evening Athens. This area is located on the other side of the Acropolis relative to the Plaka area.

There was something like a big market and a lot of people.

Central area of ​​Syntagma. The area is named after the square, located in the center of Athens. There is a modern parliament, a museum of history and a national park. Many excursions to the sights of the Greek capital originate here.

A very interesting and spectacular event takes place on this square - a change of the guard of honor. I will talk about this a little later, since it is worth a special story.

A walk through Athens was enjoyable. We walked just a few streets, but got quite a few pleasant feelings. We marked a lot of people with dogs. A large number of taxis. The city made a good impression. Maybe the beggars on the streets were a little embarrassed.

Here it is - the cradle of modern democracy.