My small walking tour of Kostroma

Between the two cloudy days a window formed of a clear cloudless sky. This is a great joy. I immediately take the camera and after work I go for a walk around the city, rejoicing in the sun and spring warmth.

A small hike through the city center, then along the Volga, then along the incomprehensible trajectory of the old streets back to the center. Nothing special, to be honest, but I want to note that my favorite city of Kostroma gives the impression of a very neat and cozy place.

I'll start from the center. Our main square of the city and the main tower of the city is fire tower. Object of cultural and historical heritage. The tower creates the main vertical dominant of the square and everything in the city somehow revolves around this tower.

Kalancha is one of the main symbols of the city. I took pictures of it many, many times and it is always a little different, depending on the weather and time of day.

If you turn away from the fire tower, then on the one hand there will be a gallery of shopping arcades. This is a large and spectacular building in the Russian style. Above the malls stands the spire of the bell tower of the Church of the Savior.

In the foreground you can see an ice cream stall. By the way, a delicious, natural local ice cream. I can safely recommend it. I always buy this ice cream with raisins and creme brulee. Very tasty!

From the main square of the city is a beautiful street - avenue.

The alley with lanterns and benches leads to another square. This is the so-called Peace Square.

On it stands a memorial to the war of the liberator. This is the memory of the Great Patriotic War.

Just behind this square is the large building of our local circus. As a child, I often went to performances.

Then I decided to turn off the main streets and went along a small path to the right of the circus.

On the way there were several interesting houses with history. It can be seen that the houses were built more than 100 years ago. The houses of former local merchants and nobles were still preserved in some places, although they had already lost a lot of things, they were rebuilt, changed.

Another interesting house caught me on the way. This is the so-called engineer house. An interesting example of wooden architecture with an unusual turret.

Next, I continued to move to the Volga.

I was attracted by the bright colors of greenery and sky, glare on the water, the sun in the frame.

I walked past the so-called Ostrovsky gazebo and against the backdrop of this rotunda I saw the spire of a new bell tower under construction being restored by the Kostroma Kremlin.

And again the promenade, again the city center.

And here I was lucky. I again saw the fire tower, only in a completely new form. The sun shone through the glass on top of the tower. This was very beautiful. A girl rode a bicycle in front of me and remained in the story in the photo. This is the road to the sun.