Memories and expectations

For many years I have been to Italy in the spring. Every April in Milan there is a world-famous furniture exhibition iSaloni and, in addition, a design week. This is a great worldwide design holiday.

What could be more beautiful, Italy, spring, design. The weather at the end of April in Milan is usually very welcoming. The spring sun gives its warmth to everything around.

But there are also cold years. I remember there were several times when I walked the streets of Milan frozen and caught a cold.

But, despite the cold weather - visiting Milan these days of the exhibition is a real miracle. A large number of emotions, new sensations, some new ideas.

This year the exhibition should be at the very end of April. Hotel prices in Milan these days are jumping very strongly. Several times.

The whole life of the capital of fashion is subordinated to the exhibition.

I have already bought plane tickets and booked a hotel, when suddenly from official sources I find out that the exhibition is postponed for the summer. It's all about the caronavirus epidemic in Italy.

Despite security measures, the organizers of the exhibition and the mayor's office of Milan decided to postpone this momentous event to the middle of summer.

I immediately had a panic. Firstly, the money spent on tickets and a hotel is an irrevocable tiraffe. It is unlikely that the hotel and the airline will cancel the deal.

But, since this whole situation is connected with force majeure, there must be something that will help me return the money.

I wrote to Booking customer support asking me to cancel my reservation. After a brief correspondence and contacting the hotel, they returned the money to me. It was very pleasant and I am very grateful to the hotel staff and, probably, the City Hall of Milan, who understand all the problems with the new virus and understand how to help each other.

The airline is a more complex and slow-moving creature. The struggle for a refund for tickets is still ongoing. But, I think there are chances.

But what makes me particularly upset is that there will be no spring trip to Milan. There will be no walks through the streets of this old beautiful city, there will be no Duom Cathedral in the rays of the setting sun, there will be no Sforza castle.

True, all this is in my photographs. It is good to recall walking in Milan.

Of course, Milan is not my favorite city in Italy. There are many places closer to my heart. But, in any case, I regret that the new virus brought disaster to both Milan and Italy as a whole.

I hope this situation is not for long. In the meantime, I am returning to Milan and Italy again in my photographs.