One spring day after the rain

Since it rains all week in our city and the sky is covered with clouds, the appearance of the sun in the sky and the blue sky was greeted with great joy.

And where to go in the evening, after a hard day, if the sun is shining in the sky. Of course, on the embankment of the Volga River. Now the embankment is in good condition. There is also good paving slabs, there are benches, there are lanterns that burn after sunset.

The embankment in Kostroma is a very interesting place. There are several feature films in which she was the backdrop for the unfolding events.

Earlier, in tsarist times, there was a trading pier, a wood burning market and on this bank of the Volga. over all this collapse stood the handsome Kostroma Kremlin. This can be seen in old photographs of the late 19th century. Now the final stage of the restoration of the bell tower is already underway.

A walk along the promenade is a great pastime. The surface of the river is a great thing to contemplate.

At one of the exits to the Volga you can see the famous Ostrovsky Arbor. From the hill where the gazebo stands, a beautiful view of the Volga opens. Of course, this gazebo has nothing to do with the playwright Ostrovsky, but this rotunda is so called.

All the same, Ostrovsky is our fellow countryman, Kostroma, and therefore the name.

When the brick path along the promenade ends, the city beach begins. Sand for the beach is brought every spring. In the summer, when the water in the Volga warms up, there is no free space on the beach. Here and there the city dwellers lie and sunbathe.

In addition to the Kostroma, guests of our city also sunbathe. I remember in childhood, relatives from Murmansk came to my grandmother. It seemed to them that they had come to the real south.

Now the beach is empty, but still people walk on the sand. A volleyball net is installed on the beach and lovers of this sport often gather here.

In the end, we reached the bridge across the Volga. This is a beautiful building, Soviet builders. The bridge always emphasizes the beauty of the large Russian river. Near the bridge on our left bank there is an ancient temple of the Resurrection of Christ on Debra.

This is one of the oldest temples in Kostroma.

Our short excursion along the banks of the Volga River in the city of Kostroma came to an end. I hope you enjoyed it.