In this place, located more than a hundred kilometers from Kostroma, we sometimes come to enjoy the beauty of the nature of our native land.

There is also a forest with mighty pine trees and a beautiful meadow. Here in the middle of the forest flows a small winding river. Around the birds sing and walking along the paths in this forest thinks very well.

On the day off, we got into the car and went to Shchelykovo. This place became known because of the Russian playwright Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky. This man created a modern Russian theater and wrote a lot of plays, which are still being staged. These plays have not lost relevance so far.

Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky lived on his estate in Kostroma forests. Then he composed his works and came up with a snow maiden - the daughter of Santa Claus and Spring.

The places in those parts are really beautiful and create exactly the mood that is required for writing.

Usually we get to Shchelykovo in an hour or so. This time the road from Kostroma to Shchelykovo was in endless repair. I had to stop on the reverse movement, drive slowly in one lane, without the ability to overtake. As a result, the route of 100 kilometers stretched for more than two hours.

We arrived in Shchelykovo and went for a walk. We immediately met another couple of newlyweds with a photographer and videographer. On weekends, often come to Shchelykovo to celebrate the wedding day. Photographs of young people in wedding dresses against the backdrop of beautiful places of local nature - this is a local custom.

We stood in front of the Ostrovsky house-museum. It is closed to quarantine. But it is clear that he was renovated and tinted.

We went along a familiar path through the forest. There were rampaging mosquitoes. They even started biting me through jeans and sneakers.

I had to move more energetically and look for places where there is no deep shadow or there is a fresh breeze. It was good by the water of the river. The water was fast and brown. This is due to past heavy rains last week. Full rivers and strong currents.

The sun was baking from the sky and I wanted to sit by the river and just look at the water.

But, we must go further along the path. Alexander Ostrovsky himself once walked along these paths.

The path led to the sanatorium, which was built next to the Ostrovsky estate in the Soviet years. Now the sanatorium as well as the museum is closed for quarantine.

We went through the territory of the sanatorium and went out to the village. There was a small wooden chapel. It would be necessary to walk another kilometer and we could go to the old church, where the playwright also visited, but we decided to turn back.

A short walk and touch of nature during quarantine.