Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

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Zanzibar is primarily an island that consists of Tanzania's Pemba and Unguja Islands. The name of the island is a compound derived from the combination of two Arab words; Such as jeans (meaning black) and bars (which means land area). That is, Zanzibar, also called "Black Lands" or "The Land of the Blacks".

The discovery of microlithic equipment in Zanzibar proves that this phenomenon of ZanZib was inhabited by people who had been educated at least 20,000 years ago since the beginning of the postwar period. The Zanzibar Island, the Republic of Tanzania, is a sovereign part of the United States. Zanzibar has its own government, which consists of representative and revolutionary councils. The Stone Town Hall, located in Zanzibar with colorful and busy markets, is very popular, narrow lollipops are an interesting historical and cultural center, which many tourists visit. This island is quite popular for its diversity of spices; Like cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, pepper, cardamom and more. For this reason, the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania is also called "spice island" or "spice island".

The island's features are sandy beaches, coastal coral reefs and the primordial expanse of the sea, which offer a variety of water currents to the tourists.



The convenience of accommodation provided by some excellent hotels can be helpful in making tourists comfortable and memorable at reaching Zanzibar. Some of them are notable in the list: Ras Mitchelli Beech Resorts, Doole Palace Hotel, Chumbe Island Coral Park, Tembo House Hotel, Ras Nanguei Beech Hotel and Jamani Zanzibar Kempinski.

Nearby tourist destinations

Nearby attractions: Spice plantation (spice plantation), Kizimkaji Mosque and Dolphin Tower, Jojani forest and Prison Island.

Information about Zanzibar Island

The island is spread over an area of ​​1,464 kilometers. The city of Zanzibar is located in the capital of Zanzibar on the island of Unguja. The old Stone Town is considered to be a world heritage site. Three major industrial zones of Janzibar are Raffia, Spices and Tourism.

Where is the island of Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is a collection of some beautiful islands located in the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is located 36 kilometers away from the coast of Tanzania. Travelers can travel by air or sea to reach Zanzibar. All major airlines including British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Kenya Airlines, are available in Zanzibar. There are also several ferries here, which transport the public from Zanzibar to other places.

The best time to discover the island of Zanzibar Island

A tropical tropical climate is felt in Zanzibar, which makes one major part of the year warm and moist. If you want to avoid precipitation (March to May), then summer and dry season from December to February will be perfect for you. Even in the months of June to October the weather is dry, but the temperature is low. In fact it is another ideal time to visit Zanzibar.


When you want you can visit Zanzibar. Just check that any time / weather will be best suited for you.

Entry price

Tourists can travel by plane or by sea to reach Zanzibar. When you are at Zanzibar, you have to spend money for your transportation, lodging, food and entertainment or entertainment.

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