In February of 2019, I traveled to "super dangerous" Mexico in order to attend Anarchapulco and AnarchAwakening. This was the first thing I saw outside of Acapulco's airport:

I stayed at the magical Bambuddha Healing Center. For the first time in my life, I accepted my traumas and their depths. Mother Ayahuasca and I developed a relationship. During our ceremonies, I developed deep, yet inexplicable bonds with individuals who were strangers days prior. I never felt so much trust and love with anyone.

Where we met every morning for breakfast:

The path to our rooms:

Our ceremonial maloka:

During a kambo ceremony, every single cell in your body is activated. The medicine comes from the secretions of the Amazonian tree frog. First, you're burned with incense. Afterwards, the medicine is applied into the burns. You feel heat emanate from the burns up toward your throat. Blood pressure ascends, rises, peaks--then spikes all the way down. I fainted here. Thereafter, your body purges all of the toxins stored from years and years of unhealthy habits. During this excruciating thirty or so minutes, I thanked kambo for cleansing me. And I thanked my facilitator, Bear Heart, for sharing sacred space with me.

I drank from a coconut and rested on the beach once the effects subsided. The beach's breeze sent chills over my arms while the sun soothed and warmed them.

At the hotel, I lied down on the bed and I flashed back to the beach. I felt the breeze and the sun and all of my introspective thoughts. I literally morphed back to the beach before opening my eyes some time later. Alone, confused, and fulfilled in my hotel room.

We held a law book burning on the beach. Thousands and thousands of pages full of pretentious, esoteric enslavement instructions immolated as we danced to the irony. I carried an entire suitcase full of law and law school books from New Jersey to Acapulco. The weight of all the books broke one of my suitcase's wheels. The book burn, however, was totally worth it.

I discovered and met the amazing Alais Clay. She performed at AnarchAwakening's conference, Anarchapulco's conference at the Palladium, and on the beach during our turtle-release party.

We partied with rum-filled coconuts and released turtles into the ocean.

I connected with my tribe. I found peace.