Re: Mount Everest Flight, Nepal - Tripreport

I have only one thing to say to you...that I am really jealous of you my friend.
This blog is stands right up to the top of any travel related stories here in steemit.

Your brief description is more than enough to make a plan (for those in India especially) for visiting this place, And the photographs added its spicyness about them, And then comes the video...Oh my goodnesss I really enjoyed this and also I called all the people in my office to show the beauty of Mount Everest, (I did not tell him about this steemit and instead said that its my friend who made a trip)

Btw, when such a flight service started there, I never heard about it, Around 3 to 4 years back few of my friends visited this place and they were very much interested to go the base but never heard about such a facility and moreover the tour operators never said a word about it. And I may very soon plan a trip as I know the beauty of Himalayas viewed from the different places of India as I traveled to many places that can be seen from India

Also I really felt like I traveled along with you as I was going through this blog, Great way of making a travelogue.

By the way you could add some space between the photos as it looks like stacked one above another, but it doesn't diminishes its beauty though.



Man! Thank you so much for this comment! It's the longest and probably most personal I've ever got!
And yes, this flight is daily now between Nov - April I believe. So worth it!

Well for the space between the photos - I'm using Steempeak which has a little line between the photos, have you ever tried it?

Btw, from which part of India are you?

Again, thank you so much for this comment, It really means a lot to me!


Thanks for the response, It was really a nice post with the videos in the perfect place shot. I will check whether I could make it in one or two or even three year because it would be really a once in a life time experience and I really wanted to feel it. Thanks for giving that inspiration.

I am from south part of India, now working in North part (DELHI), travelled to East too and really I fell in love with West part of India really, Confused, I was telling I travelled many places within India as part of job and also as part of my treveling interest.

I visited many places from where the beauty of Himalayas can be experienced like Nainital, Dharmasala, Manali, Kashmir etc etc, and the different looks of Himalayas is one of the most cherishable memories of my travel.

If you gets time you can have a look at my blog ... just made it for my satisfaction to record my travels and nobody knows about it too as I did not conveyed to any one that there is a stuff like this.

I know about Steempeak and I opens it too, but I never posted through it, Is there any benefits of using it as now a days there are a number of platforms one can use instead of

Thanks and have a nice day..


Hey buddy! I agree, India has so many beautiful places to go. Unfortunately I only saw Delhi yet (Loved it) but really want to see more areas like Kashmir in the future.

I'll have a look at your blog! Looks very clean, I like that !

Hope you have a great day!

Best ,