Re: Empire of the Dead: the Catacombs of Paris

Whoa... That's intense, and creepy. Must have been quite an adventure. I'm not sure how much I would want to do something like that, I prefer rainbows and waterfalls and stars, lol... But... Maybe someday if I'm ever around one, I bet it would create quite a set of thoughts in my brain that may turn into poetry or some kind of deep philosophical content. I can only imagine, though thanks to you I can get a much better picture! And I've seen something like this before on the History channel, though I don't think it was the same place and your pictures and words were really immersive and gave me a good idea of what it must be like, though nothing compared I'm sure to what it was actually like being there in person, I'm guessing it was rather spooky and bizarre.

leaky20 @leaky20a month ago

Well rainbows, stars and waterfalls are always amazing so keep shooting those when you get the chance. Who knows how something like this would inspire you though, it might be in a really interesting way.
Anyway, thanks for the comment. I look forward to seeing those pictures you mentioned in your last post. They sound very cool