Geudong, a small city that formed by the traditional marketplace with a long history behind it. My sweet home and the place where my body belong to. As we live here, most of us are used to be a traders, marketers, sellers or whatever you want to call it. People from the other regions are going in and out all the times just to get some herbs and spices and another things to be sellback in their retails store, the city are alive all the times, 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. That trading activities build us up, and it is the History itself

Geudong is a historical place and a witness of how Islam entering Indonesia, it all started here. I’m going to tell you a bit about a long short time story before Geudong and the whole Aceh becoming a part of the bigger country that better known as Indonesia.

## The History

Stand here an empire called Pasai, the place is just about 12 KM from my home so it’s not too far, but the place are currently closed so I can’t get the pictures, anyway let’s get back to the story. Pasai is a trade empire because it standed near the beach, where ships around the world stops to trades with each other, with the civilians, having a nice break, and even just looking for a wife, yeah I’m serious! That’s basically one of the way Islam entering Indonesia, an Arabian guy comes with a ship to trades and heyy girl you looks so beautiful and I’m in love, please bring me home and I’ll talk to your father then we can just marry. Then the guy teach that family about islam, another way and the most known is because the king are interested about Islam himself so he asked some Arabian traders to teach him. After that the religious spread to the whole place that called Indonesia in the next century year to years. That is the story, and is our gems and a pleasure at the same time.

I was born when here is a civil war across uor beautiful place. Yes, our own country were betrayed us! That’s a worst mistake a president ever made, she was fall into the temtation of military side to make aceh a military operating area and to solve some terrorist problem, that what they said but in fact, she just sending a noob soldier who doesn’t know which the terrorist is and which is the normal civilians. They killed them all.

Indonesia can’t even buy a single plane at the moment caused by the monetary crisis, so we bought them! Aceh people gave Indonesia a first ever plane and all the Gold that now hanging on the top of Monas aka the Nasional Monument of Indonesia. So is it wrong to say they were betrayed us by killing our people tragically? Even my grandfather’s first wife were mutilated just because she went to the jail delivering foods to my grandfather (My grandfather is a former Heiho, so he’s been jailed for sometimes since the war against japan over). A sad story but now we’ve become parts of this Indonesia, then what being said! Life is life aslong as it doesn’t kicks your buts right?

What else can be more unique then a society that forgive their family killers whom carved a trauma, and accept to coexist. We might be stupid or we might be so kindly, it depends on how you see it. Just forget it and let it be a history, then we can start a new journey, live a good life or something like that.

### We also have a massive rice field.

### A Sort Cinematic Film I Made

You can watch a Short Film i made to see how my hometown looks like, not a really proffessional film but it would show you some shapes of this small city, so i hope you enjoy it.

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