Pehuen-co is a tourist destination with natural beauty and tranquility.

There are some spas on the Argentine coast that have had a true tourist explosion in recent years, and more specifically since 2000.

Places that until then had been a haven for camping, night-time and fishing enthusiasts, suddenly became a place visited by many tourists who wanted peace, tranquility and healthy air.

Numerous cabins for rent began to be built, altering a bit the rugged beauty of the landscape but also giving tourists the possibility of having more comfortable and comfortable accommodation than a tent in a camping.

Fishing in Pehuen-Co attracts an infinite number of tourists every year

Pehuencó is one of those places. And fishing is a resource that began to be exploited for tourism. Not individual fishing in a kayak or a boat, but organized fishing on catamarans or larger boats.

A pleasant experience that I want to talk about and leave testimony with my photos.

An excellent opportunity to visit a spa that still preserves many aspects of its natural, wild, jungle and uncontaminated life and that in turn allows you to make trips, alone or organized, to enjoy the incomparable sensation of fishing.

The ”Boat House” is a house of particular design located in the seaside resort of Pehuen-Co

Fishing from the coast and offshore.

There are several companies dedicated to carry out sport fishing excursions on board in Pehuen-Co.

In Pehuen-Co you can fish from the coast, thanks to the proximity of the sand banks with a great variety, quantity and quality of catches with numerous species of fish, but you can also fish from an offshore boat.

Only 500 meters from the coast, optimal fishing results can already be obtained, although for salmon and great groupers, for example, we have to navigate around 10 nautical miles at least to catch them.

On the beach you can catch dogfish, bacota, scala and a hammerhead fish, not bad to start.

The ideal place is Punta Tejada and you have to travel about 25 kms along the coast, which is why you need an all-terrain vehicle capable of overcoming the numerous obstacles such as dunes, speed bumps, etc. or navigating the coast for a long time. , especially accompanied by expert guides who know where to find the best fishing schools.

You have to be attentive to the winds that blow especially from the south, the only ones capable of ruining an authentic fishing party day.

The advantages of Pehuen Co.

Pehuen Co is a tourist town of 681 inhabitants; making it ideal for those seeking rest, tranquility and privacy.

Pehuen Co has several great advantages:

It is fished well throughout the year with typical varieties in each season of the year.

It is fished well in quantity and quality of species.

The sink is almost simultaneous to the bottom, that is to say, it hardly stops navigating and fishing begins.

There is no mass tourism in the area that could compromise fishing.