Re: Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, the Upper Reaches.

It's been a small eternity since I was last at Mt Lofty! Sweet memories and yes, how shocking that they use insecticides in the park. The fires through the Adelaide Hills devastated that area in the Ash Wednesday week - how well I remember that time! - my parents nearly lost our home in the Dandenongs and then the wind changed, the fire swept the other way down the mount and all those people died in Cockatoo instead. Very surprised to see hydrangeas in the park - nothing native or naturally Australian about them! Nice post.

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A lot of hostas too, which might be why the pesticides came in. They're a tasty plant for many. I think they'd be better off just leaving certain plants if they are so hard to grow that they have to use pesticides. The public aren't going to know that it could have been there.

Whenever people speak about the Ash Wednesday fires a particular sadness comes over them. There are no other bushfires which trigger that. It must have been horrific. An old friend in the Barossa told me about a school friend of his who died with her children. I guess we have to be grateful about how most of the time we get lucky with the fires. A few years ago we had the Sampson Flat fires and people were worried it would be a repeat of 1983, but wind changes kept turning away from the most built up areas. A coach at gymnastics was showing us a map where they're located and they were in the middle of a horseshoe shape of fire coming around. They pointed to another family we knew and they were in a tiny patch completely surrounded! Our fire fighters are amazing!