Re: Beautiful Ha Long Bay. Hiking Cat Ong (2 of 3)

Those islands definitely are beautiful, with spectacular views. These should be one of the most beautiful places I have ever see. Hiking up those mountains must be a really fun adventure, I guess you would have enjoyed it more if not for the extremely hot weather.

You did a great job capturing the beauty of these places, I especially love the photo of the sea with rocks in them.

Stephan @steef-05September 2018

Thanks for the compliment. The best thing is that everywhere you look, you will see these limestone rocks above the water. Such a magical place. And concerning the weather/climate, you just need stop worrying about the sweating because it’s inevitable haha. Makes everything a lot easier.


Wow, that's amazing!! It definitely is a magical place!

Well, that's true. I am glad you enjoyed the hike regardless of the weather... Hahah!