I went to NYC for a couple of weeks or so in May 2013. Although there were some brief moments, it was not a joyous time. I found myself in a personal minefield, insides shredded. There was much going on and I remained submerged.

I visited a city of heights, of glass and steel beanstalks - there weren't any giants to be seen. I saw reflections, and guess I must have overlooked reality. Around me rose those impressive trinkets reaching for the clouds, yet I remained in the dumps, underground. At times I surfaced, looked around and wondered what it was all about, but nobody really seemed to notice or stop to answer, and those that paused, spoke only of themselves!

There was a moment, which could have gone anywhere. The mechanism of the hire-car engine bonnet snapped as the three of us were zipping down one of the freeways in Brooklyn or Queens. The bonnet flew open with a sudden BANG, completely blocking out the driver's view. Abe's presence of mind plus lack of nearby traffic saved the day; we pulled over and breathed. There was some life again, a little rebirth!

I present you with a vision of NYC, through photographs. The selection is drawn from what I have – Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island Ferry; and a 'sight-seeing' drive through Harlem, Bronx, Queens, Jackson Heights (जय किशन Heights :P) and finally down to Coney Island. The trip is still a somewhat tangled narrative for me and I'm not going to have a shot at doing anything with it here; there is just the eye of the beholder, and the barge-beholder of the time, is sad.

Although I still do not fully understand the narrative I refer to but speak not of, there is deep love, respect, acceptance. I am genuinely at peace with it all 🌝. If there is still any residue on either side, I request that it may it now be released 🕉 . Free of any narrative to maintain discipline, the photos follow only a semblance of order, although I have arranged them under three sub-headings. I invite you to make of them what you will.

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New York:






'HIGH' New York:







'LOW' New York: