"N Why C???" - Glimpses of New York City Through Heavy Eyes

barge @barge
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I went to NYC for a couple of weeks or so in May 2013. Although there were some brief moments, it was not a joyous time. I found myself in a personal minefield, insides shredded. There was much going on and I remained submerged.

I visited a city of heights, of glass and steel beanstalks - there weren't any giants to be seen. I saw reflections, and guess I must have overlooked reality. Around me rose those impressive trinkets reaching for the clouds, yet I remained in the dumps, underground. At times I surfaced, looked around and wondered what it was all about, but nobody really seemed to notice or stop to answer, and those that paused, spoke only of themselves!

There was a moment, which could have gone anywhere. The mechanism of the hire-car engine bonnet snapped as the three of us were zipping down one of the freeways in Brooklyn or Queens. The bonnet flew open with a sudden BANG, completely blocking out the driver's view. Abe's presence of mind plus lack of nearby traffic saved the day; we pulled over and breathed. There was some life again, a little rebirth!

I present you with a vision of NYC, through photographs. The selection is drawn from what I have – Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island Ferry; and a 'sight-seeing' drive through Harlem, Bronx, Queens, Jackson Heights (जय किशन Heights :P) and finally down to Coney Island. The trip is still a somewhat tangled narrative for me and I'm not going to have a shot at doing anything with it here; there is just the eye of the beholder, and the barge-beholder of the time, is sad.

Although I still do not fully understand the narrative I refer to but speak not of, there is deep love, respect, acceptance. I am genuinely at peace with it all 🌝. If there is still any residue on either side, I request that it may it now be released 🕉 . Free of any narrative to maintain discipline, the photos follow only a semblance of order, although I have arranged them under three sub-headings. I invite you to make of them what you will.

Thanks for stopping by

New York:






'HIGH' New York:







'LOW' New York:









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Hey @barge

As always, the photography is awesome. The second photo from the bottom is my favorite in this selection. I remember some basics I learned from photography class in high school, and this particular photo is what I would call an excellent example of "the rule of thirds" in action. Either you know a thing or two about photography, or you are just a true natural at it!

I don't think the big city is a place for @barge

You have much going on in your mind, and I'm willing to bet, this place was pure chaos for you. People are indeed selfish by nature in the big city. Very dog eat dog. I have been there once. I have no desire to go back.

I live in NY, but I am a good 4 hours from the big city in whats considered "Upstate New York." In Upstate NY, there are a number of "small", but heavily populated cities, and I happen to live in one of them. I remember your comment on the walk through my neighborhood, so I know you have a bit of an idea of what these smaller cities look like, but there is quite a prevalence of nature going on in New York as well. (Not assuming you don't already know this, but many don't) If you ever happen come back to NY, I would strongly recommend the Adirondack Mountains. It's probably one of the most beautiful places I have personally ever been.

Thanks for the great post.

Much love,

barge @bargeMay 2018

I also had a decent DSLR camera that I had borrowed from work for this trip....but I'll take the 'natural', which is really nice to hear, as I've not ever considered myself as such - thanks my friend :D

I don't think the big city is a place for @barge

I don't think so either ...great observation/insight @futuremind, and totally spot on. Not for lack of Mega-city-living experience (Delhi, London, Cairo). I love the size of Edinburgh - 500,000 pop, and very green. I'm on the outskirts by the hills. Would love to live rural, and am working on making it happen :D.

It was chaos in NwhYC, and certainly so inside my head. The outside mirrored inside, perhaps even provided a distraction :). There was a raw-ness about the place.

And you know what, if I ever did return, I'd most certainly come and pay @futuremind a visit in 'Upstate New York'. Checked out the Adirondack Mountains - location and some photos - looks stunning!

Dunno if you know that I lived in Boston for 6 months when I was a baby :) ... then my parents migrated to India.

Always a pleasure to read your comments, thanks for stopping by. Take care my friend!

And you know what, if I ever did return, I'd most certainly come and pay @futuremind a visit in 'Upstate New York'.

That would be great! I hope we cross paths one day :)

Dunno if you know that I lived in Boston for 6 months when I was a baby :)

No I didn't know that, I will be sure to check out your link here!

Always a pleasure to read your comments, thanks for stopping by.

You know it bro, it's always a pleasure to read your posts. I am still catching up!!

Take care @barge

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Cams @camuelMay 2018

Not sure how I missed this - 29 days ago? Huh. Some cracking photies there my friend. You should get yourself a dSLR again! :p

barge @bargeMay 2018

LOL cheers man...and yes please, it's coming soon 👏 👏 👏