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Welcome to Padley Gorge! Padley Gorge is such a beautiful place to visit in Derbyshire, UK.


A few Stats to set the scene:

Distance: 3 miles
Minimum time: 2 hours
Ascent/Gradient: 460ft (140m)
Difficulty: 2 out of 3

Paths : mainly rocky and uneven surfaces. Some muddy areas too, so definitely a place for walking boots!
Grid Ref: SK257799
Address: Padley Gorge Trail, Sheffield, S11 7TY

Dog friendly: Yes although the National trust require dogs to be under close control at all times and they must be kept on lead between April and July.

Parking: There is a designated roadside strip for parking...oh and it is free! Bonus! :D

So we start here: The landscape is beautiful! The streams are full of tiny fish and there were school children trying to catch them with nets and were recording their efforts to take back to school as well as enjoying a picnic! What a beautiful way to spend a lesson!



As we follow the stream, the landscape views disappear as we head into the woods.


The waterfalls start to appear..



We reach a point that we cannot move forward without crossing over the water and come across this gorgeous little bridge. I can almost imagine the billy goats gruff trip trapping across it behind us!


The woodland becomes even thicker as we move deeper inside...


The rocks become our friends and turn into steps to climb up the side of the gorge to better views of the tumbling waters...


Along the way we find a few surprises. These flowers left in memory of someone who obviously loved this area and found peace here...


These tree stumps had hundreds of coins hammered into them...perhaps for luck or maybe to grant wishes?...




Looking over the edge we see a dam that has been built by some kind of wildlife. I couldn't see any signs of movement so they were obviously shy of us humans interfering with their beautiful homes, so we decided to leave them be and keep moving onwards...


The ants in this area are quite unique. These little biters are 'Hairy Wood Ants' and are responsible for the mounds of chewed up wood you will see covering forest floor. They are huge! They can reach up to 10mm in length so if you stop for a picnic, make sure you don't sit down in the areas where they have made their nests...



We are heading towards the end of the woodland now and are on the hunt for the old Padley Chapel...




We stop to check our mobile maps (Modern technology eh?) and confirm we are on the right track to our next destination...


Along the way, there are some beautiful flowers to brighten up the route...





And finally we find our Padley Chapel!


The chapel was built in 900 ad, yes, that's right, this was built in the middle ages!

Two Catholic priests were discovered hiding here in 1588 at a time of religious intolerance and were sentenced to death for high treason. Annual pilgrimages are held to remember the priests.






we bumped into one of the current residents in the grounds of the chapel...I think he was searching for his lunch!


Speaking of lunch, we were starting to get peckish around this time, so we decided to head to the notorious biker stop for a bite to eat... Grindleford Station Cafe.









Padley Gorge is an amazing place to visit. It says a minimum of 2 hours to complete the trail, but we were there for a good 4 hours enjoying the trail fully so if you want to head here, I would give yourself more time if you want the full experience.

The chapel is open for visitors on a Wednesday and Sunday afternoon during the summer season. Unfortunately we did not know this before hand and visited on the wrong day! I would have loved to have ventured around the building and learned more about it's history. Perhaps you could share your own experiences if you decided to go there!

I hope you enjoyed our little journey around Padley Gorge and thank you for reading :)

Much love, @beautifulbullies xx

(All of these images are my own, taken with my Nikon D5300 using my contemporary 18 - 300mm lens.)



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Thats a lovely walk, though I feel sorry for the poor tree where everyone is sticking their coins into it. Ouch!


I agree, although I think this tree stump was dead this time, so its not so bad :) It was bizarre to look at though!


oh this is so beautiful, the river, the FOREST wow I always want to be transported into your photos and this is no exception, it looks so peaceful and check out those ants, really loving your photos, I miss them when you are not around, keep it up xxx


awww thank you so much, I had hoped you would like this one! :D I am hoping @donnadavisart spots it too, I can imagine her artwork adding all sorts of creatures to these pictures! xxx


Great post my friend! I'm definitely going to have to go and check this place out. Upvoted and following ;)


Thank you! Great to meet a fellow nature photography loving brit here on steemit! :D following back :)


Thanks @beautifulbullies! You'd think there'd be more of us from the land of Constable, Wordsworth and Wainwright wouldn't you...


Haha yes, you would certainly think so! Maybe they are just shy...


@beautifulbullies You have taken great pictures! You have a high sense of aesthetics. I really like it!
I hope to visit this place one day. I'm following you and I'm looking forward to your next posts! Have a a beautiful day! 💙


I keep trying to reply to your comment then keep deleting it by mistake haha I think I must be tired! Thank you so much for your kind words, I am so happy you enjoyed the pictures! Great to see you in Steemsugars discord chat too! :D


Oh, thank you for this lovely meander in the English countryside. How I long to get back there. And Derbyshire is so lovely.

It's funny, I'm very lucky in our place here by the sea, but I never feel at 'home' really until I set foot on English soil. Why did we ever fight the British, that's why the 4th of July (our independence day) is always a dark day for me. I usually wear black as my own quiet protest of being cut off from the mother land. :)

I love the coins in the tree, I bet it was for wealth. Like the pigs teeth in the old tree in the pony's paddock in "Howards End"

I hope you had an amazing day and how is your fasting going? (that bit was from your talking diary ;) )


I am so glad you spotted this post, I was thinking about you when I was there actually. I said to my hubby that you could do an awesome picture using that bridge with the billy goats gruff and a troll underneath it! hehe My fairytale mind in overdrive as per usual! xD

Oh and yes, wealth would make sense with the coins! :D It was a lovely day, not too hot either. (We have been having an unusually long heatwave recently and we aren't used to heat here, so I have pretty much melted in the last few weeks! haha)

I was just about to write a new entry in my IF diary actually! It is going really well thank you. I am finding it easy to stick to which is a bonus. Usually I have given up on a diet by this stage!

I hope you are well <3


What a beautiful place to spend the day. There are so many old building and things over there. We don't have that here.


It was beautiful :) We are very lucky to have so much history here to explore and I am fascinated with historical buildings. I often wonder what stories they would tell if they could speak! :D


I would agree. One day I would love to spend the time exploring all of that history. I think it is so beautiful over there.

I think those buildings would have many stories to tell.


Hi @beautifulbullies This is a very beautifull place I hope you enjoy this place tree is like alligator and flower scenes are awesome please tell me about your experiance.


The experience was peaceful and humbling! Yes I agree, the tree with the coins does look like an alligator haha thank you for your comment :)

Vytene @vlietJuly 2018

Derbyshire seems to be one of the lushest places in England, with so many amazing country walks and estates! And you show this beauty so artisticly in your photos!


I am truly blessed to live so close to a beautiful area. Thank you for your comment, I am happy that you enjoyed my pictures! :)