Getting into vacation mode with The Royal Purnama - Bali, Indonesia

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The Royal Purnama is an amazing Resort at the black sand beach just north of Denpasar. They have gorgeous rooms and villas with private pools. It's an amazing getaway when you want some vacationing and quality time. They have a private beach with gorgeous sunsets, a relaxing beach lounge with delicious cocktails and an outstanding restaurant that doesn't break the bank.

After all the crazy adventures and climbing Mt. Batur (Read: Avoiding the Mountain Mafia: Climbing Mount Batur without a guide!) it is time for some relaxation and vacationing. Mystery girl is flying in from Bangkok and we plan to spend some quality time together before going on a next adventure. We choose to spend this time in a private villa at The Royal Purnama. You can find The Royal Purnama on Instagram and Facebook


The villa we are staying in is the Cempaka villa. It is a 1 bedroom villa with private pool and private dining area. It's an absolute stunning place and the perfect getaway to spend some quality time.

I'm more than impressed by the outstanding cleanliness and how the villa makes you feel like home. I have been traveling full-time for 4 months now and this is the perfect reset for me.

The staff is also super friendly and helpful. They come and clean the villa twice per day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. While you are out eating breakfast, the staff will come in and clean your room. They make the bed, open the blinds and give new towels. They prepare the villa for daytime.

In the evening, when you are out again, the staff will come in again to clean the villa once again. This time they will prepare the villa for sleeping. They close the blinds, close the curtains of the bed and they make the bed differently to make it easier for sleeping. You really don't have to think about anything.


The villa features an amazing 220m² (2,370 ft²) of private property. Regardless of the amazing interior everywhere, the pool and the bathroom are my favorite parts. It's just stunning! Below are some non-stylized pictures of the villa for your enjoyment.

Standing Stones Restaurant

The hotel restaurant is absolutely amazing and the pricing is just great. The interior is gorgeous, there is a whole beach lounge right at the black sand beach and the amazing standing stones. Not only that, but the service is top notch and the food is absolutely delicious.

Room service

But what good is having a private dining area in your villa and not using it? We decided to get room service instead. The food is from the same restaurant, delivered at your room.


Breakfast was included in our stay and is served at The Standing Stones restaurant. There are plenty of breakfast options and are always served with a nice plate of fresh fruits. This is a very good way to start your day with!

Floating breakfast

Another way to enjoy your breakfast in a very unique way is to order the floating breakfast! You will need to order the breakfast one day in advance and set a time. But boy were we not disappointed! The breakfast was absolutely huge. We had such a hard time to finish this.

Not only is the breakfast delicious, but it is also very fun. Me and Mystery girl absolutely enjoyed our time together.

Balinese massage at the spa

We opted to get a balinese massage while we were here. This is a one hour session. But there are a lot more options, including black sand cleansing.

Before we started the massage, we got greeted by the lovely staff. First we got a really good welcome drink. Next we had to fill in a sheet of paper. On this paper, you describe your type of skin, if you have any allergies and if there are places you don't want massage. You can also choose how hard you want the massage to be.

The staff is very helpful and explains everything clearly. They make sure you will get the treatment you want. We even get to choose which massage oil to use. They let us smell all of them and we pick our favorite.

The balinese massage was absolutely amazing. I have traveled in Thailand for over 2 months and this is nothing like a Thai massage. Thai massages are rough and they will stretch your tendons and squeeze out any tensions in your muscles. Balinese massages on the other hand are very relaxing and good. They will relax all your muscles and it just feels amazing. You don't want this to end.

After the massage, we get another drink which we can choose. We opted to drink this outside by the pool while we felt all relaxed after the massage.

For the gram

Below are some of our Mystery girl shots for the Instagram.

Learn more about The Royal Purnama


We had such an amazing time here. It was the perfect getaway and vacationing. It felt good to just have some quality time and relax. I am now recharged and ready for new adventures. If you are looking for some vacationing, I highly recommend The Royal Purnama. Everything was just perfect.

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Looks great, @beforeyoupack. I was in Bali only a few weeks ago so I would have loved to have seen this then. Glad you had a great stay!


That place looks amazing, Im in Bali also but doing things on a tighter budget haha


Just in case I never get to this post due to me hopping around the universe like crazy, I just want to say: wow. This hotel is like a dream one to be in. From the services you detail and capture with pictures here to the actual area being hell of a stunning place to just gush and be awe-struck. I just feel the incorporation and intersections of Nature just bleeding into this Grand Suite here. I feel my wallet just left my pockets and ran away, give me a second.