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A few weeks back, I was graciously put up in a nice house in Newtown... I really like having accommodation that isn't a hotel, and when I'm being housed by a friend of the ensemble, it is even better when the host has gone away for a holiday as well! So, that means that I have the run of the house to myself!

Anyway, that means that I have to generally go out hunting for food... sometimes, I do like cooking at the place... but in the mornings, for breakfast, I do like to head out to find a decent cup of coffee anyway... so, I may as well find a place to sit down and eat a warm breakfast, something that I don't tend to do at home.

I've seen this Cafe Newtown many times before... it is right outside the Newtown station, and there are many many places to eat up and down the trendy Newtown main street... but I've been a bit enticed by this place, but never really been brave enough to try it out.... until now!

The Space

Cafe Newtown: Sydney (AUSTRALIA).jpg

The interior is quite open and has the decorations and tables that you would expect from a fairly "artistic" slash student part of Sydney... well, it used to be that before things got crazily expensive. I do wonder if this place used to be a pub or bar/hotel before it became this incarnation of a cafe/restaurant. It does strike me to be the place that would have been the perfect place... with the location right on the corner of a major street intersection and the train station.

Cafe Newtown: Sydney (AUSTRALIA).jpg

... again the decor is reminiscent of a student/bohemian sort of style.

The Menu

Cafe Newtown: Sydney (AUSTRALIA).jpg

The breakfast menu is pretty standard, with mostly cooked versions of many things that I would generally consider to be too heavy for a normal breakfast. In fact, many things here, I would have for lunch or something like that! I generally prefer a light (or no...) breakfast. Dinner is the big meal for me!

Cafe Newtown: Sydney (AUSTRALIA).jpg

... and in keeping with my earlier observation, much of the lunch menu appears more to be like a dinner menu for me personally!

The Food

Cafe Newtown: Sydney (AUSTRALIA).jpg

However, seeing as I was on holidays... well, at work away from home... I figured that I may as well pick up a decent cooked breakfast. When I'm away on tour and travelling for work, I will tend to eat a larger breakfast, as I tend to miss the lunch part of the day!

... and so, the Hangover Breakfast it was for me! This sort of cooked breakfast can be a bit of a mixed bag for me... if it is too heavy and greasy, I will be feeling the after-effects of it for the rest of the day. Thankfully, this was quite a decent one, and it wasn't too big either!

Cafe Newtown: Sydney (AUSTRALIA).jpg

... of course, the main reason that I was eating out was the coffee... and they did make a decent cappuccino. Although, in Australia, you would be hard pressed to find a really terrible coffee at a sit down place... there are a few take-aways that are pretty bad, but most of the restaurants/cafes are well trained and produce really good ones.

The Experience

Well... if the place wasn't on such a busy intersection, I would say that this would be a top place to eat. Nice open space, with private walls and corners that you can hide away in, and decent food and coffee... but I really just don't like the location with busy foot traffic.

Still, good food and decent pricing does make a compelling case.... but next time, I might also wander a bit further down the road to see if there are any interesting smaller places that don't attract quite so much foot traffic!

Opening Times

Monday 7am–4pm
Tuesday 7am–4pm
Wednesday 7am–4pm
Thursday 7am–4pm
Friday 7am–4pm
Saturday 7am–5pm
Sunday 7am–5pm

Contact Details

Address: 329 King St, Newtown NSW 2042
Phone: (02) 8084 8933