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Bengy @bengy
· November 2018 · 3 min read · Germany · #life

A couple of days ago, I posted about trying to find a rehearsal space in Prague, after finding myself late due to a self-inflicted moment of not reading the rehearsal schedule. Anyway, it led to me reaching a terrible looking disused factory in the darker hours of the evening, thinking that I was about to be mugged anytime soon!

As it turned out, it was the right place and everything turned out fine! There are some orchestras (and artistic collectives) that rent out large spaces in disused factories, as there is a combination of factors (low rent, large space and isolation from noise) that make it quite irresistible.


Anyway, a few weeks ago, I had found myself in the comparatively picturesque town of Kevelaer. Anyway, this meant that we were able to rehearse in a very nice chapel pictured below:

Okay, the fact that it was taken in daylight does make it much more appealing than the other one.... but the fact that it is a nice old chapel, rather than a disused factory also helps! Now, Prague is definitely a nice city, it was just that the rehearsal wasn't in such a nice part of it! However, the concerts will be in very nice places!

This is the view of Kevelaer from the main street at night. The church can be clearly seen at the end of the main street, framed by the shops that line the sides of the street. Just off to the left hand side is where I had eaten after the concert, where I had written this Tasteem review for Cumsalis.

So there you are, most of my rehearsal work can tend to be in very nice areas. However there are always some rehearsals in areas where the rent tends to be cheaper (it's quite expensive to run an orchestra or a musical ensemble, so where you can find savings, you have to do it!). If I am arriving to a place in the dark, and am completely unsure of the area, it can be quite un-nerving. However, in the end (so far) everything has always ended up fine... and this place in Prague has turned out to be a very nice place in the day time, with many artists sharing the space as well!

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ac khoo @ackhooNovember 2018

You are right of course... I've had some experience with musical/band rehearsal places when I was working in the industry before, and they are sometimes a little of an eye brow raiser... lol... But as you say, the places when you finally end up playing are usually nicer... :)

Love your pictures here, the chapel and the night time street...

Bengy @bengyNovember 2018

Thanks! I'm starting to try and take a bit more care with lining up my shots. Still, a smartphone camera is not as good as even a digital dedicated camera!

ac khoo @ackhooNovember 2018

Yes, I agree - nevertheless, better than none at all! :D

Bengy @bengyNovember 2018

Well, yes that is the problem! I never have a real camera, only a smartphone! So, I guess, unless I get in the habit of toting a camera around...

co-in @co-inNovember 2018

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What cool buildings and area

Bengy @bengyNovember 2018

It's a nice chapel! The area is a bit mixed, but nice than the creepy place that I found myself earlier!

Creepy is always good to avoid 😎

RYO-0528 @ryo-6414November 2018

Good! beautiful architectures!!
What country is Kevelaer? It looks like Europe🤔

Bengy @bengyNovember 2018

Yes it is Europe. It is in Germany, near the Dutch border. So it still feels a bit like Netherlands... And the people speak something resembling Dutch.

RYO-0528 @ryo-6414November 2018

Oh! Great!! I am longing to Germany very much!
And your country Netherlands has traded with Japan for hundreds of years! That is before the age of my manga! I'm glad I could see the city!
Thank you for sharing!😉

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Jonboy @jantonNovember 2018

howdy sir bengy! very cool and interesting with great photos!

Bengy @bengyNovember 2018


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I'm glad you had a better place to rehearse this time... hahaha...
It's actually very beautiful even just looking from the outside.

Bengy @bengyNovember 2018

I found that the outside was much more beautiful than the inside. The inside ended up being a bit stark, and too wet an acoustic to rehearse well!

That's a shame, and I was imagining how great the inside would be.

Bengy @bengyNovember 2018

Books and covers...

I see...

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Prag is a gorgeous city, at least that is what I have been told. For some reason, I still have not visited it and it is really close to my country. I am glad you saw some of its beauty and hope you will get to see more. Enjoy the concert! 💚

Bengy @bengyNovember 2018

It is so close! On the other hand all of Europe is pretty close together... One day I'll visit Croatia, I hear it is also very nice!