Hello, this is Kaebi.

It's already Wednesday. I'm still missing Busan.

It was a trip that I went to because I needed healing. I need it again..

I felt like phytoncite in the forest of Nine, and I moved to Gwangalli before pushing the car.

On the way, I wanted to eat pork soup too,

The boss was surprised when we called and visited.

When I went, I knew why.

You must have been surprised. We were surprised too lol

I just graduated from university and stayed in Busan for a while,

The pork soup restaurant was really good...

I have to stop by every time I plan to visit, but I can't go.

On my next visit, I'm going to go back and visit my memory!

Eat pork soup like that, and slept cheaply yesterday, so let's sleep on a good day! while doing

I found a Homer's Hotel in search of footage!

When I entered the hotel room, my friend admired me too.

Especially our room condition! Gwangan Bridge was so pretty because it was in front of Gwangan Bridge.

The night view is always lovely

With some listening time, I went out to fill the hungry stomach.

I simply bought it and watched the night view and thought about eating at the hotel,

Me and a friend who Taco wanted to eat too went out!

It was a place I searched and visited, but it was a place I was very satisfied with.

In fact, if you go to a restaurant, you are often disappointed~?

Hahahahahaha I took a picture with my feet too.

It's a small place on the side of the road, so it might interfere with people's traffic.

I couldn't shoot properly.

Mexican liquor was noticeable, and the first sparkling drink?

I guess it was a Mexican drink.

Thanks to the guests who left the room at the right time, I was able to play with a better atmosphere.

I saw Gwangan Bridge without any problems~

This is the first chicken taco and mexican beer.

I think it was a bit cheaper

Sorry to make Nacho again...

It was a nacho dish made with tortillas fried.

The nachos that fell into the cheese were so delicious...

And again~ Mexican beer

The beer we chose when we tried Mexican beer, it was an excellent choice

The atmosphere is good~ I feel good~ I feel so drunk and I feel good~

In fact, until this time, it was the number one food in Busan.

Hahahahahaha look back and I don't seem to have anything to eat.

It was the happiness that made me to forget about grilled clams.

It's not that big. Two tables outside?

Please refer and visit ^^

Also watch the light show at Gwangan Bridge

I borrowed the background from Gwangan Bridge and got a cut.

On the way home, I have another cup ramen and beer at a convenience store.

Change into pajamas and leave another shot before drinking beer hahaha

I ended up spending a hot night at the hotel.

Besides eating beer, my friend and I fell asleep separately talking to each other.

Before going out for a meal, I was worried about the noise as I heard the sound of singing at the plaza even at the hotel.

Fortunately~ When we came in, the event was over

I was able to sleep well quietly!

It's morning view~

Isn't it too pretty?

I was happy to wake up in the morning.

I think it was probably the first time.

Have a really happy morning

Come out at the check-out time and go right down to Hallis

After having a morning coffee, I left Gwangalli~

And Busan has time to leave soon...

I will come again again!

The cup of coffee and the noodle house near Gwangalli were really good.

If you go to Gwangalli, it is a must-have!

I remember eating it while yelling delicious with a friend

As the two of us are tired, we finished the Busan schedule with a visit to Centum City.

Overnight at the Sea View Homers Hotel in Gwangalli!

I really recommend it! I don't know how many times I told my friends to come again

See you next time~ (with plenty of photo videos...)

Have a good night today!