Bye bye~^6^~ Various buns!

Are you having a good golden holiday?_?

I'm having a good time with my family who sees me after a long time! Hehe

Have a nice golden holiday

Always wear a mask! Social distancing! Don't forget Seyon!

So #canggu side kkyeyon start!

Today # Lembongan at # Crayon is the day to go to!

I really wanted to be more,,,

Lembongan, wait a minute, I'll definitely go again,,, ㅠ

First ceremony at Cang-gu_!

In Lembongan, carrier drag truck ride, boat ride, chart ride

A restaurant in Cang-gu that came out of the hotel check-in estuary! ( Already tired,,,he)

I like those herbs so delicious and good?_?

Overall it was all delicious!!!(I'm a local food rubber)

I took a tight tour to Lembongan, and I traveled a little bit from Canggu here!

So maybe there aren't many photos.

Bali sunset that doesn't get tired even if you see it every day!_!

I think I took a sunset photo every day from real Bali

That's why Bali is famous for its beautiful sunset, right? 헿

Since we are in Canggu, we went to Canggu Beach to watch the sunset!

The accommodation was also deliberately found nearby.

(Hehe Kuta, who came here because surfing is a very good place)

Ha,,, real buttery taste,,,

We sell a lot of grilled corn like this in Canggu Beach!

I like corn again.

(No food that I really don't like)

So I said I ate it as soon as I saw it again.

Personally, it tastes more buttery than garlic!

(Of course I ate both)

While walking while watching the sunset while eating okshu,

It was really healing and it was so good ㅠ^ㅠ

Take a picture with your brother and me. Hehe

In this way, we went back to the hotel in the order of sunset, even after watching the sunset!

Of course, beer + Jujeonburi shopping was a must.

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I'll accept Haju Seyon in Magu-gu and neighbors. <<