This is my first time using travelfeed and I look forward to using this Steemit dapp to record some of my travels to different places around Europe. I have been a wanderer in my 20's living in Spain and Germany for 5 years but I would like to start this travel blog a bit closer to home. Only when you are abroad do you truly realise the beauty of my homeland Ireland. I will start off with exploring a lake that that is only 15 miles away from my home town. The lake is named Coumshingaun and it located in the Comeragh Mountains that separate Tipperary and Waterford. There is no road leading to the lake. You have to trek an hour to get there. I first went to the lake with a school tour. I was 12 and when it appeared in my horizon my mouth actually dropped to the ground. It was amazing. They say it is one of the finest examples of a glacial lake in Europe. I always wanted to go back there so I finally went not so long ago . I took the dog of course and and my reluctant wife.
The great thing about this lake is that you cannot drive to it. The hike is between 15 minutes and an hour depending on your level. Level 1 would be an unfit person and level 10 would be mountain goat. It is not a steep incline but it is a bit of a walk. The great part about this is that the lake is so peaceful once you get there.
There are a few ways to explore the lake. You can come at it from the Tipperary side which you come to the lower end of the lake. Or you can hit it from the cliffs above which you can get to from Kilclooney Woods near Lemybrian in County Waterford. I did a loop of the lake which can be rather dangerous especially when the mist comes down and it can come down rapidly but this time it was a wonderful summers day. The loop around the lake takes between 3 - 4 hours again depending on your mountain goat rating.
Not many people outside the locality know about this lake because it is a hidden gem but if any travellers ever want to come down to these parts I will be happy to give them directions and tips in getting to the lake. Some people camp by the lake but I would not recommend it. It's dark up there, pitch dark and the weather can change in an instant.

I will upload more photos of my exhibition but the interface is not letting me add more photos. Once I get the hang of it I am sure it is easy to do.