A walk through PDVSA la Estancia, Caracas - Venezuela.

blessed-girl @blessed-girlNovember 2018 · 2 min read · #photography

Greetings friends of steemit

Today I want to show you the Estancia Art Center, located in the La Floresta Urbanization of the City of Caracas, Venezuela.


This cultural center is located in a house that belonged to Hacienda la Floresta, where coffee activities were practiced. In 1988, Petróleos de Venezuela, acquired this hacienda for the recovery of cultural heritage in the country. Its main objective is the promotion of social and cultural development programs.


This beautiful house, is the colonial style, has several rooms for artistic exhibitions, however I focused more on nature ...


It has beautiful gardens that are its main attraction and one of the reasons why I love visiting this place.




Here you can spend a very pleasant time in contact with nature and with the whole family ... since it has a lawn, where you can rest fully and there are also attractions and playgrounds for children, there they also enjoy this beautiful place.




In its gardens we can find diversity of trees, plants and flowers. It is really a little paradise inside the city, where you can breathe fresh air.

estancia 1.jpg

estancia 2.jpg

In its facilities there are cultural presentations, exhibitions, plays, concerts, among others. The last day I went was presented a work of life and battles of our liberator Simón Bolívar.




Although the photographs are beautiful, I missed many places to photograph as in the other places there were many people ... when I go back, I will try to be a weekday (working) so that there are not so many people and can take good pictures of the places that I missed.

I hope you enjoyed this short walk through the Estancia Art Center ...


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Nice to see you and your beautiful daughters @blessed-girl! :) Looks like you had great time there! The photos are just lovely, so colorful!
Have a great day!

Thank you friend, it is a very nice place, I really like this place because you breathe a lot of fresh air and the flowers are spectacular. Thank you for visiting me. Have a nice day! :)

It's a very nice place, regards

That's right, beautiful and relaxing. Thank you for your visit.

Allesia @allesiaNovember 2018

I would like to be now at Estancia Art Center. The flowers are lovely, as your daughters ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks friend, Kathe sends you greetings .... and yes, there are many beautiful flowers. That day the sunflowers were already withered, I want to return when they are again flowered to take a lot of pictures ...

A I D @tamaxadiNovember 2018

Amiga estas ???? Lamento lo de tu telefono

siiiiiii...yo también... El viernes tengo que llevarlo a ver qué es... ojalá sea recuperable...porque comprar uno es imposible....