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Continuing for the tour I did with my husband and some friends a few years ago, Today I bring you our tour of BRUGES.

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During our stay in Belgium, we went to visit a beautiful city called BRUGES. It is a very preserved and beautiful medieval city.


Bruges was founded in the 11th century and until the 15th century it was one of the most important and prosperous cities of Europe at the time.

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It had its fall at the end of the 15th century, and it had no better luck until the 20th century, when it began its restoration to become a great tourist destination (it became the most visited city in Belgium). It is a city of dreams, romantic, royalty, there you forget about time and problems.

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The first thing we visited was Grote Markt or Plaza Mayor. It is the heart of Bruges and the point where many of the walking routes through the historic center begin and end.

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In this square, surrounded by medieval buildings with picturesque facades, stands the Belfort Bell Tower. At night it is especially beautiful for its careful lighting.

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The Gothic-style Belfort tower of the 13th century, located on the Grote Markt, is the most famous and important tower in Bruges, 83 meters high and has a bell-tower of 47 bells that brighten the city when they sound. You can enjoy a fantastic view of the historic center and the city, climbing the bell tower, but when we went the entrance was not available ... although to get to the top, where are the 47 bells of the carillon, you must climb 366 steps, hahaha so it's a good exercise.

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In the square there are carriages to walk tourists through the city.


It is a rewarding experience...

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This city is famous for its gastronomy, chocolate, beer, French fries and especially for its canals ... One of the charms that I enjoyed most during my stay in Bruges.

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Bruges is known as the Venice of the North, so one of the best things to do there is take a boat trip on several of its canals. It's something relaxing, exciting and very special.

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You will not have problems to look for the perfect place to start the walk, since from different docks of the city these small boats leave that are filled with tourists to discover hidden corners and see their medieval buildings from another perspective.

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Go under the beautiful stone bridge of San Bonifacio, see the square of Jan van Eyck, the inner courtyards of the houses, navigate the Dijver canal, until you reach the Lake of Love, are just some of the wonders of the route.

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The boats leave every day from 10am to 6pm from the Wollestraat, Nieuwstraat, Huidenvettersplein, Rozenhoedkaai and Katelijnestraat docks. The duration is about 30 minutes.

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And to close, I leave photo of the pier of Rosario, (Main photo of this publication) is one of the most photographed for its beauty, charm and everything with a very medieval, very old, very classic and romantic ... It is very close to the plaza de los tanners and the Fish Market. Also 5 minutes from the main square Grote Markt. At night it is a spectacle because of the light that makes it look very dim and romantic, however we did not have the opportunity to appreciate it in person, but if you can search the internet and appreciate its nocturnal beauty.

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I hope you enjoyed this tour of Bruges.

The next stop on our tour was Germany, so in the next trip publication I will bring you my review of Germany. Have an excellent happy start to the week and may God bless you!

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