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Following the tour I did with my husband and some friends a few years ago, I tell you that the 2nd country we visited was Belgium. From this beautiful country we visited 2 cities: Brussels and Bruges. So in this post I will show you only the places we visited in the city of Brussels. and in another publication I will show you Bruges.

Belgium is a very elegant country, the architecture of its buildings is majestic, its capital Brussels, has many beautiful buildings, so our first stop was to go through the Royal Palace.


The current function of the palace is mainly to host events, meetings, ministries and rooms for the invited heads of state. The way to know if the king is in the Royal Palace is when the Belgian flag that presides over the building is raised.

Brusela 1.jpg

Then we visit the Grand Palace, in this place you will find all the historical center of the city and the most famous buildings among which the houses of the guilds, the Maison du Roi, the Maison des Ducs de Brabant, Le Piegeon and especially City Hall.

The town hall is one of the most famous buildings in Brussels, its facade is full of statues and windows, divided by a bell tower 96 meters high, topped with a statue of St. Michael.


Le Pigeon, was the house in which the French novelist Víctor Hugo stayed during his exile in Belgium, in the year 1852.

Le Pigeon.jpg

Another of the best things about the Grand Palace are the terraces where you can enjoy drinks and share with your friends watching the whole place.

EuropaHP1 472.jpg

The Saint Hubert galleries are very close to the Grand Place, Completed in 1948 they became the first commercial galleries in Europe. The Saint Hubert galleries are made up of 3 galleries: the King's Gallery, the Queen's Gallery and the Princes Gallery, and can be accessed through 3 different streets.


Inside there are several luxury shops, famous chocolate shops, some jewelry and terraces where you can enjoy a delicious coffee.


Belgium is very famous for its chocolate and waffles. There was where I got to know the waffles and well I ate a lot during our stay, as well as strawberries with cream.


The Cathedral of San Miguel and Santa Gúdula, in the Gothic style, is the most important Catholic church in Belgium. Construction began in the 13th century and it was not until 1961 that the church acquired the name of cathedral.


In the elegant Sablon district is the imposing Palace of Justice, for many years the largest building in Europe with a spectacular interior, with a lobby of more than 100 meters in height.

palacio de justicia.jpg

palacio justicia 2.jpg

We also visited the Church of Notre Dame du Sablon, a beautiful Gothic church that served as the stage in "The Pillars of the Earth".


The Royal Theater of the Monnaie This theater was born in 1695 when Paolo Lombarda acquired some land to build a theater in them, known and recognized for its artistic initiatives, it is one of the most important institutions in Brussels.


Finally the Plaza de los martires, in honor of those who died after Belgian independence.


I hope you enjoyed this little show in Brussels. You can leave your comments and if you like, resteem. In the next installment I will bring you photos of Bruges-Belgium.

(All photos were taken with our Camara casio Exilim optical 3x)