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Greetings friends of steemit, spring came, my favorite season. It is when the trees are in all their splendor and there are flowers everywhere. So nothing better than sharing with you our tour of the Keukenhof park in Holland.

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A few years ago we had the happiness of traveling my husband and I, with some friends to Europe just in spring. The first country we visited was beautiful Holland. There we had the opportunity to take a tour to the Keukenhof park.

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This beautiful park is located in the city of Lisse in Holland and opens its doors every year in the month of March until the month of May every day from 8 am to 7 pm. It is famous for being the only park with the largest field of tulips in the world (approximately 7 million bulb tulips). In addition to other flowers such as daffodils, hyacinths, roses, orchids, lilies, carnations, lilies and many more. It has more than 32 hectares of land.

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The history of the park relates that the grounds of this one, were inside the possessions of the noble Jacoba de Baviera and it is said that she was the one who baptized him, in one of his usual walks in the area, with that name when identifying the fragrance of herbs and spices with the kitchen of his palace. After his death, the land was taken over by wealthy families of merchants who, aware of their attractiveness, in 1840 commissioned a number of landscape painters to design the future park. For this the authors were strongly inspired by the English style prevailing at the time and used flowers as an essential element of design.

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It is unforgettable to go to this park since you can appreciate flowers of all sizes and colors. And you can enjoy the wonderful work of God in every corner of this park, which is subdivided into four large areas that take the name of the Dutch royal family of the Oranje: Oranje Nassau Pavilion, Willem Alexander Pavilion, Koningin Beatrix Pavilion. And Koningin Juliana Pavilion.

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The park has an impressive collection of flowers and hybrids of different species, greenhouses, old mills, lakes, fountains and large walks. The whole complex has a beautiful artistic treatment so the flowers and lakes become the basis of its immense avenues.

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Unfortunately, the tour was for 4 hours and the park is very large, that is, we could only travel a quarter of it. To go through it completely and to enjoy its beauty to the fullest, it would be necessary to go one or several full days.

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The best time to go to the park is in March, since all the flowers are in their splendor. We went in May and the tourist guide warned us that there were fewer flowers than at the opening of the park because they were withering, however the amount of flowers we could see were not few, on the contrary, we could not appreciate all the gardens so that I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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I hope you enjoyed this short tour of the Keukenhof park.

(All photos were taken with our Camara casio Exilim optical 3x)