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22nd of June marks the Day of Sorrow and Remembrance of Victims of War in Ukraine. Ukraine has been through a lot in past and in the recent years but never shows unless it is a day to commemorate those days.

Weekend called and I was out again enjoying life and the city that celebrates life, Kharkiv. One of the, if not the best cities in the world. THAT is subjective and very biased. But only in Kharkiv can you sit on one side of a tall building enjoying a succulent grill and orange juice while on the side their are kids climbing on some of the most dangerous mobile weapons of the country. Truly, just another regular day in Kharkiv.

I was being served my farewell chocolate fondant just a building away from the "Freedom Square". One of the most significant spots in the country. Not only does it have a huge historical significance, this city-center square is one of the biggest in Europe, an architectural landmark and the heart of almost all the events in the city.

It also has the "Derzprom" building, the first skyscraper in the country and is bordered by The National University of Karazin, and once had the Lenin statue that was taken down in the recent years during the revolution of 2014.
This square is the crowd favorite for meet-ups, concerts, paying tributes and so much more.

After my meal I headed to the square for a relaxing walk only to find out a fleet of army soldiers surrounded by very obviously excited children. The square was scattered with a few automobiles used in the times of wars. From fighter jets to a bright red firetruck.

It was a weird feeling. Not the fact that the soldiers were briefing the adults about how and what the army automobiles were, nor the children taking a joy ride in them, but the fact that I wanted to go hop into them, too.

Enter long list of pictures from the day:

The jets were an immediate crowd favorite. Both adults and kids lined up to grab a feel of what the seat feels like. The soldiers were nice enough to not leave them turned on. Very thoughtful, I was expecting differently.

There was a nice display of the helicopters, too. I was very interested in learning about them since I do not know much about helicopters, let alone how each one impacts the army differently. But I was quickly distracted by a bunch of kids who thought the inside of the copters were a nice substitute for make-play picnic spot. One group even roleplayed taking the bus to school. Oh how I miss being a tiny little creative ball.

The radio communicator and ground rocket launchers were my favorite. I think the sheer size of them and how versatile they could be really peaked my interest. Or maybe the child in me was overjoyed when the soldiers showed us how the moving parts...moved.

These two were the most secluded ones. You were allowed to touch and climb on these, explore as much as you like but you weren't allowed to enter into them. Simply because it was getting too hot in there. It made me think of the long hours put by the soldiers in them. Nothing about war is beautiful, nothing about it should be glorified. Unfortunately, it is inevitable and sacrifices are made.

There were placards on front of every exhibit that you could learn something more from. Not many were interested in these, but of course I gave them a read. It reminded me of my dad telling me how a single-engine fighter plane worked. He never left a chance to tell me how bad wars can be, either.

All in all, it was a nice learning experience for everyone there. Some learnt through touch, some through sitting in them, some from listening and some from reading. Such exhibits aren't rare. There is something or the other going on in the square every weekend. Some more exciting than the next.

I am not sure if this was an exhibit, but the man on a bicycle sure looked like the coolest thing there. LOL



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